Can A Ferret Wear A Collar?

Can A Ferret Wear A Collar?

Although ferrets are not as popular as dogs and cats, they also make excellent pets for people who have time for them. That’s so because they are very smart, companionable, inquisitive, and friendly. In addition to that, ferrets also possess excellent problem-solving skills – this explains why medical researchers often use them to carry out various studies.

However, it’s worth knowing that owning and raising ferrets isn’t without an issue. One of the many problems attached to keeping them is that they poop a lot. Apart from that, ferrets can sometimes be difficult to take out for a walk; that’s so because they tend to run in straight lines against a wall.

For you to take your ferrets out for a walk, you need to get them leashes and snug-fitting harnesses. And that’s not all: some people also advise that ferrets should wear collars. The only problem with collars, however, is that they tend to slip out of ferrets easily.

Is it possible for ferrets to wear kitten collars? Can a ferret wear a collar? What size collar does a ferret need? These and more are the frequently asked questions that I’ll further address in the rest of this article.

Can Ferrets Wear Kitten Collars?

Can A Ferret Wear A Collar?

People often recommend kitten and dog collars for ferrets. There’s no denying that ferrets can wear collars, especially those that come with bells. However, the collars must be constructed with a ferret’s anatomy in mind.

Since kitten collars aren’t constructed specifically for ferrets, they might not be comfortable enough for your pets. Of course, this has nothing to do with whether or not the collar fits well around your ferret’s neck. The best you can do is to consider getting a collar, which is specifically designed with a ferret’s anatomy in mind.

The bottom line is that while kitten collars might fit well around your ferrets, they’ll most likely not be comfortable around them. The simple reason for that is because the collars aren’t constructed specifically to be worn by ferrets. So, why not consider getting ferret collars instead?

Can a Ferret Wear a Collar?

As earlier mentioned, a snug-fitting harness and a leash are the two best items you can consider getting for your ferrets. One of the reasons for that is because harnesses help to reduce pulling when taking the ferrets out for a walk.

As cited by, according to Carly Fox, DVM, a staff doctor at New York City’s Animal Medical Center, one of the benefits of harnesses is that it covers a large area of the animals’ (ferrets) body, including the chest, shoulders, and upper back. As such, pressure from pulling the ferrets for a walk is evenly dispersed over a large surface area on the animal’s body. Another benefit of using the combination of leash and harness for ferrets is that it reduces the pressure put on your ferret’s neck.

Apart from getting a harness and leash for your ferret, another thing you can consider getting is a collar. However, you need to understand that collars also have their issues. 

Pros of collars for ferrets

One of the benefits of using collars for your ferrets is because it allows you to trace them easily. As you already know, ferrets generally have a great skill at escaping from their owners. They can escape by passing through any tiny holes around your home. That said, if your ferrets end up escaping, one of the best ways to locate and identify them quickly is through the collars on their necks.

Cons of collars for ferrets

Now, you already know that ferrets can wear collars. But here’s a quick question; are collars safe for your pets?

Let me start by saying that ferrets have several different personalities. Mostly, they tend to burrow and squeeze their bodies into tight places. With a collar on, your ferret can always get stuck into tight spots. If this happens, they will end up harming their bodies or strangling their necks.

The bottom line is that ferrets can generally wear collars. That said, if you’re considering using a collar for your ferret, ensure the places your ferret is playing are ferret-proofed. Ensure to cover any tight spots that your ferret could burrow into and harm itself.

What Size Collar Does Your Ferret Need?

Can A Ferret Wear A Collar?

Although ferrets can wear collars, you need to understand that certain collars aren’t okay for pet ferrets. This brings us to the question of what kind of collar is perfect for ferrets?

According to experts, the best collar for your ferret should be made of suitable materials, such as nylon. For instance, you can always opt for an adjustable soft nylon web collar for your pet. One of the benefits of using the product is that it can be adjusted to fit any ferret, irrespective of its size and shape, comfortably.

Another thing that’s in it for you when you use an adjustable soft nylon web collar for your ferrets is that they often come with a D-ring. The D-ring will allow you to attach a leash easily around the next of the ferrets. This way, you can safely take them out for a walk.

Another suitable kind of collar for your ferret is the breakaway collar. The collar comes with a breakaway feature – this helps to keep your pet safe from strangulation accidents, which I earlier pointed out.

Here’s the thing; if the ferret ends up squeezing its body into a tight spot, there’s a high chance that the collar will get caught. However, since it’s a breakaway collar, it’ll open immediately, reducing the risk of choking your ferrets inside the right spot.

Speaking of size, ferret’s collars are usually in three different categories; small (S), medium (M), and large (L). The neck size of the collar is usually about 8.5 to 12cm for small-sized collars. As for a medium-sized collar, it usually falls between 12 and 18cm. A large-sized collar should be between 18 and 21cm.

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