Can You Bring Frogs on a Plane?

Can You Bring Frogs on a Plane?

Ever since American Airlines banned passengers from bringing frogs along on a flight, the number of airlines that allow you to bring frogs on a plane has narrowed considerably. While you may find this hard to believe, you can still bring your frog on a plane, but how can you do this?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to bring frogs along on a plane, but not impossible. While most airlines have effective bans against frogs, there are a few that still allow you to sneak them in.

While airlines have repeatedly tried to make flying with frogs a near-impossible experience, frog owners will always find workarounds. This post will explain some smart workarounds you can use to get your frog flying with you on your next trip.

Which Airlines Allow Frogs?

Can You Bring Frogs on a Plane?

If you’re willing to travel with your pet frog over a long distance, you’re frankly out of luck. Most airlines already have some kind of restriction or ban against frogs and other similar animals. By the day, these restrictions continue to tighten, making it extremely unlikely that you’ll be able to fly with your frog soon.

Fortunately, there’s still a handful of airlines that let you transport a frog, albeit with some significant restrictions. Most only allow them as emotional support animals, and some will let you travel with them if it apparently won’t cause any inconvenience.

If you’re willing to travel with your frog over a long distance where a car is unfeasible, one of the options is finding an airline that allows frogs. Here are some airlines that may allow you to travel with a frog in the United States right now.

1. Aegean Air

Aegean Air has a pretty accommodating policy. According to their page on traveling with pets, you can travel with any domesticated animal apart from bees and crustaceans for obvious reasons. However, you can’t bring your frog into the cabin with you.

While they reserve the right to approve or reject any of your pets for a flight, trying with them is more worthwhile than going for an airline that has explicitly banned the pet.

There are no restrictions on the weight or size of the frog you’re allowed to carry on an Aegean Air flight. Why should there be; frogs are almost unnoticeable, if not for the carrier that hints about the presence of a pet.

You should note that your pet frog may be disallowed from embarking on certain flights if the airline thinks it could be dangerous for its health. Also, you can only transport exotic pets on specific aircraft, namely 319, 320, and 321.

2. Air Europa

Like Aegean Air, Air Europa doesn’t explicitly indicate that they allow you to carry a frog along during a trip, but they also don’t state otherwise too. And given that they allow emotional support and therapy animals, there’s a high chance that your frog will get a place on Air Europa.

Air Europa also doesn’t allow you to fly with a frog in the cabin. Instead, the frog will have to come along in the cargo, provided they allow you to carry it in the first place.

To be sure that the specific flight you’re booking will allow you to bring your frog along as a carry-on item, you can call to check before booking the flight. Generally, you’re more likely to get a pass if it’s an emotional support animal, as opposed to a pet.

3. Alaska Air

Can You Bring Frogs on a Plane?

Alaska Air is pretty flexible with its pet policies. While it doesn’t say you can carry as many animals as Air Europa or Aegean Air, the ambiguity makes it somewhat easier to convince them into letting you travel with your frogs.

There’s also enough anecdotal evidence that you can sneak your frog through Alaska Airlines. As long as you don’t flout any of Alaska Air’s numerous pet-related regulations, your frog should be fine.

4. West Jet

West Jet also allows you to bring your small animal along on an airplane, as long as you’re comfortable with it flying as part of the cargo. Since they allow lizards and some other amphibians and reptiles, you should be able to sneak your frog through.

Unlike most other airlines on this list, they have maximum crate restrictions. The crate must also be relatively safe for the flight, and West Jet may disallow your flight if the pet appears to be inconvenient, unsafe, or at risk.

Can You Bring Frogs on a Plane?

While you can bring frogs on some airlines, they’re mostly allowed only when they are emotional support animals for the traveler. If you own a pet frog, good luck trying to get it across or outside of the United States by air.

The main reason for the restriction of frogs by most airlines is their specific requirements for a convenient trip. Since they’re incapable of regulating their temperature, you’ll need to actively help keep them warm during the flight.

However, a flight doesn’t usually offer you that luxury. In that regard, airlines figured that enforcing a total ban on frogs would save them the headache of seeing frogs travel in uncomfortable conditions.

While this analogy seems logical, it will only look cruel if you have a legitimate need to bring your frogs on an airplane.

Fortunately, frogs aren’t completely banned from all airlines yet. There are still a handful of airlines that let you fly with your frog, albeit with some very strict limitations.

With the industry generally leaning towards banning frogs from flying, it’s safe to say these airlines will eventually drop support for frogs, although we wish that would never happen.

Are Any Airlines Flying Frogs in Cargo?

Can You Bring Frogs on a Plane?

Most of the airlines that allow you to fly with frogs in the United States will only allow it if you’re letting them fly in the cargo compartment. It’s pretty impossible to get your pet frog in the cabin like a dog or a cat.

Unless the airline allows you to carry the frog along as an emotional support animal, all airlines that allow you to fly with frogs won’t let them in the cabin.

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