Where Do You Put a Dog in a Minivan?

Where Do You Put a Dog in a Minivan?

Minivans are the most comfortable vehicles that serve as a car and a means to transport heavier stuff. A higher percentage of households prefer this vehicle for longer journeys as it easily accommodates each person. However, the case becomes different when there is a dog in the picture.

I never considered carrying my  dog along with me on trips; rather, I left him with a neighbor to care for. But, after I got a minivan, I thought it would be fun to take him with me on shorter trips. Then I had to ask myself “where do you put a dog in a minivan?”

The safest place to put a dog in a minivan is the backseat. Considering that dogs love to move around, owners have to tuck them in with a seat belt. For owners with older dogs, another alternative is to set up a crate by the side door of the van.

Since my dog was energetic and loved to play, I opted for a dog seat belt. You could employ other means of traveling with your dog depending on what suits you. This said, I shall walk you through the best ways to travel with your dog in a minivan.

How Do You Travel with a Dog in a Minivan?

Where Do You Put a Dog in a Minivan?

Dogs will always be dogs. They will want to move around, explore your vehicle, play with you, and do other things. As interesting as this could be, it is dangerous to let your dog roam your minivan.

In some countries, a loose dog in your vehicle attracts a heavy fine. Dogs have also been a major cause of road accidents as they cause a driver to lose concentration. Fortunately, there are several ways to travel with a dog on a minivan without complications. 

A dog seat harness is one of the most common ways to keep your dog secure during a ride. The makeup of these belts is simple, requiring only a harness with a plug you connect to your seatbelt buckle. Like your regular seatbelt, it protects your pet from harsh impacts during a collision.

Moreover, they are affordable, cost effective, and still give them the room to explore. However, as much as they secure your pet, there is no surrounding wall to protect your dog in a crash. It also means that one of your seats remains occupied, which could be a drawback when you have other passengers.

If you don’t want a harness, then you should consider Pet Crates. Crates are one of the oldest means of keeping dogs secure. They’re small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. 

But, unlike seatbelts, they don’t cushion the effect of a collision, but instead, they’re easily tossed around. Most pet crates are small, putting your dog in a more confined space than seatbelts would. This could be a problem if your dog hates smaller spaces. 

Cages are another option when traveling with your dog in a minivan. Dog cages are similar to crates, but are larger and more secure than crates. They are built from strong materials like stainless steel, which makes them more durable than crates. 

A cage is the perfect option if you don’t want your dog to occupy any of the passenger seats. You can put them in the boot and give your passengers more seating space. Nonetheless, it will still be disturbing if you have other luggage that needs storage space.

Where Do You Put a Dog in a Minivan?

Your dog’s position in your minivan depends on the type of carrier method you choose. If you prefer a seatbelt, then your dog can occupy any of the passenger seats in your vehicle. This could also include the front seat.

Crates are quite portable and can fit into any part of your vehicle. But first, you should consider the type of road you’ll cover and the possibility of a collision before keeping your dog. Remember that crates are softer than cages and are prone to bumping around in the vehicle.

Thus, if the road is smooth, then your dog crate can occupy the boot. However, if the reverse is the case, passenger seats are advisable. 

If you prefer cages, then your dog can only stay in the boot as the passenger seats will be unsuitable. But, before locking up, ensure that the cage is one that is comfortable and the perfect size for your dog. 

Can a Dog Sit in the Front of a Van?

Where Do You Put a Dog in a Minivan?

Your dog can travel in the front seat of your minivan as long as you’re using a crater or a seat belt harness. But, as easy as it seems, this is not an advisable feat because of the dangers associated with it.

First, you have to consider accidents. As long as you ride an automobile, a collision is a possibility. Most times, they happen fast, causing serious damage, especially to the occupants of the front seat.

Accidents do not select whom to hurt. Thus, your dog could suffer severe complications as any person in that position would have. To avoid this, forfeit the fun of having your dog as your front seat companion and let it stay behind.

Another reason your dog should stay away from the front seat is the position of the airbags. It isn’t advisable for children below the age of thirteen to ride in front for this same reason. If this is so, how much more dogs? 

Just like kids, dogs do not have the accurate height for an airbag to cushion an impact during a collision. Instead, it could only lead to more breathing complications and sometimes, death.

When placing your dog as your front seat companion, you should consider if it’ll be a distraction. Dogs easily get riled up by little things. When they do, they tend to run across your laps or beneath your feet, interrupting your focus on the road.

So, if you’re considering letting your dog occupy the front seat, take these points into consideration.

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