Where Do Cats Pee on a Plane?

Where Do Cats Pee on a Plane?

All forms of traveling can be stressful for cats because they are out of their comfort zones. Feeding and comfort are not the only things to be concerned about when you fly with cats. When cats have to go potty on a plane, where do they pee?

Cats can pee in their cat carriers or in the bathroom. The carrier can have absorbent pads, or you could use a collapsible litter box in the bathroom.

This article will discuss whether airports have a place for cats to pee and how cats go potty on a plane. Also described is how cats poop on a flight and how long a cat can hold its bladder.

Do Airports Have a Place for Cats to Pee?

Where Do Cats Pee on a Plane?

It is advisable to allow your cat to use the bathroom about 45 minutes before boarding a flight. Some airports have pet relief stations of varying styles and in different locations. They used to be outside the airport, but a federal regulation made it mandatory for each terminal to have a pet relief station.

A relief station could be hidden in a corner with a patch of fake grass or an entire park with enough space and facilities. If the airport doesn’t have a suitable relief area, you can set up a litter box in a closed family bathroom and let your cat do its business.

How Do Cats Go Potty on a Plane?

Cats are creatures of routine, and if you study your cat, you will see that even their potty times follow a pattern. It probably took you some time to litter train your cat, and you think it’s over, but being on a plane can make your cat forget its potty training.

A cat can go potty during the flight if you initiate it, or they can do it on their own. You have to prepare for when your cat goes potty on a plane, and this is what you should do:

  • Have a litter box

You can buy a collapsible litter box or make one yourself. Regular litter boxes cannot fit in a carrier and are not suitable for flights.

  • Carry extra litter

Because you cannot be sure that your cat will only poop once during a flight, it is wise to carry an extra litter box to change when you dispose of poop. Store the litter in Ziploc bags.

  • Take bathroom breaks every few hours

Not all airlines allow you to take out your cat from the carrier during the flight, so ask an attendant before heading to the bathroom. If you can take a bathroom break, keep your cat in the carrier until you get to the bathroom

Assemble the litter box, put some litter in it, and wait for your cat to go potty. Do not rush your cat, as it may like to explore the bathroom before being comfortable enough to use the litter box.

  • Use cat diapers and absorbent pads

Kittens, sick cats, and cats who have not been potty trained can use pet diapers to avoid messy situations on the plane. Diapers are also convenient because you might not know when your cat needs to go. It is also great for airlines that don’t permit bathroom breaks for your cat during the flight.

When you plan to use diapers for a flight, ensure you have trained your cat to be comfortable with diapers long before the flight so it can use them without accidents.

Place absorbent pads at the bottom of the carrier, and they will wick any moisture your cat produces. These pads are perfect for short flights.

Disposing of Pet Poop

Where Do Cats Pee on a Plane?

The horrible smell of pep poop can make disposing of it tricky. You are also in a confined space, thousands of feet in the air, so it’s not exactly easy. However, there are easy ways to manage, and they are listed below:

  1. Carry pet litter bags or tight Ziploc bags

Scoop the feces and soiled litter, put them in the bag without spilling, seal it, and store it properly until after you land.

  1. Have pet wipes to clean your cat and the carrier to rid them of any poop smell.
  1. Use fragrances in the bathroom and around your seat to mask any residual odors.

You may have to apologize to your seatmates multiple times, but you have to do what you have to do for your cat’s comfort.

How Do Cats Poop on a Flight?

Flying with cats can be stressful for you and especially for your cat. Unfamiliar sights and sounds can push them to nervous pooping and peeing.

A cat can also hold off on pooping during a flight because cats are clean animals who dislike being in filth (even theirs). If a cat poops on a flight, they could do it in their carrier or the bathroom.

Some carriers are big enough to hold a litter box, but a disposable litter box is perfect for traveling on a plane if your carrier cannot contain one. You can use it in the bathroom and dispose of it in a way that the smell doesn’t escape.

As earlier mentioned, using a freshening spray after your cat poops helps dispel or mask the stench of cat poop. Do not forget to wipe your cat and the carrier after it poops to eliminate poop residue and avoid smells.

How Long Can a Cat Hold Its Bladder?

Like the human bladder, a cat’s bladder is responsible for storing urine, and the urine may contain toxins that need elimination. Cats usually pee 2 to 6 times a day, and kittens pee more than adult cats.

A cat can go between 24 to 48 hours without peeing, even if they eat and drink adequately. It is still unknown how long a cat can go without peeing if it does not eat or drink. Stress, blockage,  infection, or other health issues may prevent a cat from peeing normally.

If a cat holds its bladder for more than 24 to 72 hours, they are at risk of severe injury and death, and you should take it to the vet immediately!

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