What Types Of Pets Are Not Allowed In A Hotel?

What Types Of Pets Are Not Allowed In A Hotel?

If you plan a vacation on which you want to take your pet, you need to find a place where you can stay that is pet-friendly. Usually, dogs, especially the ones that are kept as emotional support, are allowed in most hotels, while for other kinds of pets this question might be debatable. So, what types of pets are not allowed in a hotel, and what is the reason for that? 

Generally, you can find a lot of hotels worldwide that are dog-friendly, however, other pets are usually not allowed. For instance, cats, or uncommon pets, like lizards and birds are rarely accommodated in hotels due to their peculiar living habits, and the difficulty to adapt to new environments. 

In this article, you will read all about hotels and their pet-friendly policies. You will learn what kinds of pets are usually allowed to stay in hotels, and which of them are strictly forbidden. You will also read all about the reasons for these rules and regulations, and you will know whether you might take your pet on a vacation with you in the future. 

Why Animals Are Not Allowed In Hotels?

What Types Of Pets Are Not Allowed In A Hotel?

Nowadays, there are a lot of pet-friendly hotels, however, you cannot find many of them in the same place. This is due to the reason that hotels avoid allowing animals on their premises, and they do not have pet-friendly policies. Many people are understanding of these rules, while some pet owners find them really irritating considering the fact that they cannot easily find a place to stay with their furry companions. 

The reason for hotels not allowing animals on their premises is simply because they want to avoid any kind of trouble that might occur with pets. For example, they might come across some legal trouble if any unpleasant events happen on the hotel’s property due to various animals, therefore, they want to avoid that at all costs. If hotels are faced with some legal charges, they might be facing some decrease in their reputation, as well as losing a lot of money. 

For instance, if your pet gets injured, lost, or even killed on the hotel premises, it is usually the hotel’s responsibility, and they try to avoid that by not offering pet-friendly policies. Also, hotels worry about the damages and the noise that animals may cause, as well as the complaints that they might get from other guests. Lastly, they want to avoid the possibility of their establishment being infested with fleas, and dealing with guests that might have allergies to different types of pets.

What Types Of Pets Are Not Allowed In A Hotel? 

Although you may find pet-friendly hotels, that does not mean that they allow any kind of pet on their properties. For instance, when you come across a hotel with a pet-friendly policy, that policy usually refers to dogs since canines are usually the only pets allowed to stay in most hotels. There are probably very few hotels around the world that might give you the chance to stay with another type of pet that is not a dog. 

This being said, you are probably aware that searching for a hotel where you can stay with your cat or another type of pet, would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There are usually no hotels that allow cats, or any uncommon pets, such as lizards or birds. Therefore, before deciding to travel with your pet, make sure that you find a hotel that will certainly allow your kind of pet on their premises. 

You should remember that if you see a pet-friendly policy of a hotel, you should not assume that it refers to all types of pets. Usually, hotels may put the pet-friendly sign but still refuse to allow your cat, bird, or lizard in one of their rooms. This sign usually refers to dogs, and sometimes, only to dogs that provide some kind of service to their owners. 

In addition, you should know that even hotels with pet-friendly policies might come with additional restrictions. For example, since they allow only dogs, they might allow only one dog in a room, and they might consider the size of the same. There might also be rooms where dogs are not permitted to go, or it may be forbidden to leave your pet unattended in the guest room.

Also, you might be asked to pay an additional fee for your dog which can be per day or per stay. Therefore, before you choose the hotel, make sure that you inform yourself thoroughly about the rules and charges involved in the pet-friendly policy of a certain hotel. 

Why Do Hotels Accept Dogs But Not Cats?

What Types Of Pets Are Not Allowed In A Hotel?

Cats are different from dogs in a lot of ways, therefore, they have habits and behaviors that hotels cannot comply with. For instance, dogs are way more adaptable to new environments than cats, and they will not show aggressive or strange manners due to these adjustments. Cats, on the other hand, could express their distress by scratching the furniture, getting out of the room frequently, or making loud noises that might cause other guests to complain. 

Also, cats have different hygiene habits that make room cleaning very difficult for the housekeeping staff. There might be quite a mess from the litter boxes needed for cats, and the hotel maids do not really want to deal with them, or they do not know how to do it. In addition, there is a risk that cats will escape from the room once the cleaning staff gets in, so your pet might get in trouble for which the hotel will be responsible. 

Finding a hotel that allows pets that are not dogs would be practically impossible. Due to the different ways of taking care of other types of pets, it is very difficult to get into a hotel that will be truly pet-friendly. 

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