What to Do with Your Pet Scorpions When on Vacation?

What to Do with Your Pet Scorpions When on Vacation?

Scorpions are very territorial animals, and they will attack anything that comes near them. If you want to take your pet scorpion along with you on vacation, then you should secure it in a safe place where it won’t escape. While scorpions are not the easiest travel companions, what should you do with your pet scorpions when on vacation?

The best thing is to keep your pet scorpion in an aquarium or terrarium specially designed for this purpose. It is also essential that your scorpion is fed adequately during this vacation and handled with care during trips.

In this article, you’d learn about how to care for your scorpion while on vacation. You’d find out about how long you can leave your pet scorpion without food? How long can your pet scorpion go without water?

How Long Can a Pet Scorpion Go Without Food?

What to Do with Your Pet Scorpions When on Vacation?

Scorpions can go without food for up to a year due to their ability to slow their metabolism down drastically. Scorpions adapt to isolated living conditions during scarcity and drop their metabolic rate to its lowest point. During this time, scorpions engage in minimal activity to reduce their metabolic rate.

After a very long period without food, scorpions would lose weight and weaken. To avoid this problem, you should feed your pet scorpion regularly. For very young scorpion, it is better to provide food twice a day.

Can You Leave Your Pet Scorpion Without Food for a Week?

Although you can leave your pet scorpion without food for a week, it is not advisable because your pet may die. Scorpions require lots of proteins to help them grow faster and become stronger. Your pet would need protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, and honey.

You can feed your pet scorpions by crushing dried crickets or mealworms and mixing them with honey. But make sure that you only provide them with fresh insects because old ones aren’t good for your pet. If you plan to take your pet scorpions on a trip, protein-rich snacks are essentials to take along.

How Long Can Your Pet Scorpion Live Without Water?

Scorpions can stay without water as much as they can without food. However, if you plan to take your pet scorpion with you on vacation, ensure that it gets enough water. Your pet scorpion requires approximately five gallons of water per month.

However, it depends upon the size of the scorpion; the smaller the size, the longer it takes for it to dehydrate. For example, a baby scorpion needs four hours of sun exposure to drain. However, a giant adult scorpion needs eight hours of sun exposure to dry out.

Ensure that your pet doesn’t dry out completely. It’s best to change the water every three days to prevent contamination. You can use distilled water to keep your pet scorpion hydrated; it lacks minerals, salts, or other impurities.

How to Care for Your Pet Scorpion on Vacation

What to Do with Your Pet Scorpions When on Vacation?

It is vital to keep your pet scorpions in a safe environment and ensure that you clean the terrarium regularly. Remove all dead insects and spiders from the terrarium and wash it thoroughly with warm water. Furthermore, remove any dirt or debris from the terrarium before adding new items.

Make sure that you add only fresh soil and plants to the terrarium. You should also provide your pet scorpion with plenty of space to roam around. It would be best never to put your pet scorpion in direct sunlight; it can cause dehydration and heat stress.

When you travel with your pet scorpion, you should carry food and water. You should also ensure that you check whether your scorpion has access to water while traveling.

Do not feed your pet scorpions after sunset. Providing them at night will increase their appetite, and they may eat more than usual. Also, if you feed them too much, they may become aggressive.

Although Scorpions prefer living in an open terrarium rather than closed ones, ensure it doesn’t leave its enclosure. Please keep your pet scorpion in the darkroom and expose it to direct sunlight.

You should also ensure that your pet scorpions aren’t exposed to extreme temperatures. Also, it would be best if you didn’t place them near fireplaces or radiators.

How Can I Carry Your Pet Scorpion Around During Your Vacation?

There are many ways through which you can transport your pet scorpion. Some people like to carry their pets in a backpack, but this isn’t ideal because it might get compressed and injured.

Therefore, you should carry your scorpion in something soft such as a pillowcase or a towel. This way, you won’t damage your pet. However, make sure that you wrap it carefully and securely.

Also, it would help if you carried your pet scorpion in a container. You should either buy one or make one yourself. The best containers are those made of glass or plastic. These materials protect your scorpion from getting hurt and allow you to see what your pet is doing. Furthermore, these materials are easy to clean.

Also, it would help if you always carry your pet scorpion inside your luggage. If you want to bring your pet scorpion along with you, you should pack it in a cool box. Lastly, protect your pet from others to avoid defensive stings and harmful contact with strangers.

Is It Possible to Travel with a Pet Scorpion?

What to Do with Your Pet Scorpions When on Vacation?

Although you may be allowed to travel with your pet scorpions, you must be careful about how you transport them. If not allowed to fly with you, you can mail your pet to your destination or ship your scorpion as Cargo.

It is best first to check whether your destination allows scorpions as pets. When you arrive at your destination, ensure that you inform the authorities about your pet scorpion. You may be required to fill a form and be issued a permit to bring in your pet.

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