What Do You Do With Ferrets When On Vacation?

What Do You Do With Ferrets When On Vacation?

Do you have a ferret as a pet? Do you have to go on a vacation with your ferret? Then it helps to know what to do with a ferret when on vacation.

When on vacation, it is important to take your ferret on short walks –  provided you trained it to walk. When in your vacation lodge, a ferret should be kept inside a comfortable cage. Ferrets are quite energetic and, when allowed, can run around a room and create a mess.

Before deciding what to do with a ferret on a vacation, you should first consider your journey. It is important to know whether it is safe to bring your ferret along with you on longer trips. On the other hand, you should consider your options when you decide to leave your ferret at home or in someone’s care.

Whichever way, this article shall give you insight on all you should know about taking your ferret on a vacation.

How Do I Take A Ferret On A Vacation?

What Do You Do With Ferrets When On Vacation?

Travelling can be very stressful. If you plan to take your ferret along, you must make plans for a comfortable trip. One of the things a ferret needs is a lot of attention. 

While you are driving, your ferret will need a secure place to stay in the car. Don’t put it in a tiny carrier. Rather, get a larger cage where it can move around freely. Provide as many of his favorite toys as necessary to keep it occupied and safe.

Before bringing your ferret along, make sure ferrets are legal at your destination. Confirm with your hotel or the person you’ll be staying with.

How To Travel With A Ferret In A Car

Driving with your furry friend can be tiresome. Remember that ferrets are good at escaping, so you have to exercise caution when letting it in and out of the car. While traveling, it should be in a cage or in the hands of a trusted friend or loved one. 

Even while in a cage, keep it within reach, not in the trunk or in a luggage carrier.

If you are going on a long trip with your ferret, there are some habits you should practice. First, make frequent stops and walk it on a leash to keep it entertained. Then, ensure that you change his water frequently. 

You can let your ferret drink when you make stops. Having a bowl or water bottle inside a cage is not advisable as it can topple it over easily and create a mess. Also, make food and snacks available for it.

Maintain a suitable temperature in your car. The air should not be too cold or too hot. Never leave your ferret alone in the car, regardless of the temperature outside. If your ferret is injured, sick, or pregnant, you should not consider a road trip.

How To Travel With A Ferret On An Airplane

Taking your ferret along with you on a plane trip is not advisable, especially when it has to sit with cargo. There is a high probability of losing your pet in situations that require a change of aircraft. A long time on air can also disorient your ferret and make it sick. 

If you cannot avoid putting it on a plane, then you must consider some things. You have to book a place for your ferret a few days before the trip. The airline might require a veterinary certificate ten days before departure.

You must check in with the airline to ensure they allow ferrets on board. If they do, there might be other specifications which you must look out for. For instance, some airlines prefer a specific carrier for carrying a pet.

For easy identification, mark your carrier with the word “Live Animals.” It is also advisable to place another label with your contact and house address in case it gets lost.

What Do You Do With Ferrets While On Vacation?

What Do You Do With Ferrets When On Vacation?

You’ve scaled through the hurdles of traveling with your fluffy friend. now, you are at your destination, a different environment for your ferret. Here comes the big question, “What should I do with my ferret?”

You do the same things you’ve always done to entertain it. If your ferret likes walks, then you should take it for walks. However, ensure you keep it on a leash to avoid losing it.

Remember that you’re in a different place and your ferret would love to explore. Thus, they will be prone to running around and checking out new things. Even with a leash, you should avoid leaving your pet alone.

If you’ve always played indoor games with your ferret, a vacation would be the best place to continue that habit. Ferrets love toys. When it’s in its cage, provide an assortment of playthings for it.

If you’re staying in a hotel room or at a family’s residence, it is best to control your ferret. You can let it remain in its cage and only let it out when you want to take it outdoors. As I mentioned earlier, ferrets are quite energetic and love to play around so you can’t be sure it would not damage certain properties.

This could include plastic balls, rattle toys and hammocks. You should pet your ferret regularly. Pick it up by cupping its head and belly and stroke it continuously. Most ferrets love a good belly rub and soft scratches.

Can You Leave Your Ferrets Home Alone?

If you are going for a few hours, it’s safe to leave your ferret at home. But, if you’re going on a vacation, never leave your ferret alone. If you decide not to bring your furry friend on your vacation, leave it in the care of a friend or a pet sitter.

Your pet sitter must be experienced and have prior knowledge of caring for ferrets. Leave instructions on your ferrets’ eating habits, play time and any other requirement your pet sitter should know. While you’re away, call in to check on your pet to ensure that it is in safe hands.

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