What Do I Do With My Hamster When I Go On A Vacation?

What Do I Do With My Hamster When I Go On A Vacation?

Hamsters are easy pets to look after, but they also need special care, so they can lead a happy and healthy life. Since hamsters do not need daily walks and getting outside on a regular basis, leaving them for a couple of days alone would be okay. However, what should you do with your hamster when you go on a vacation for a week or even longer? 

A hamster will be fine alone as long as they have everything they need in their cage. Cleaning the cage thoroughly, as well as stocking it with food and water is of crucial importance before leaving on a vacation. You should still have someone to check on your hamster periodically while you are away.

This article will give you every piece of information you need related to hamsters when left unattended for several days. If you intend to go on a vacation, you will need to know what you are supposed to do before leaving your pet alone at home. You should know what kind of behavior to expect and what kind of steps you need to follow in order to leave your hamster in safe conditions while you are on a holiday. 

Is It OK To Leave My Hamster Alone For A Week? 

What Do I Do With My Hamster When I Go On A Vacation?

Looking after hamsters is simple, therefore, leaving them alone might not seem like an issue. These pets are not like cats or dogs, i.e. they can stay in their cage safely as long as they have everything they need. They do not require a daily walk as dogs do, nor do they need special affection every day. 

However, they are still living creatures and they do need a little bit of attention, so leaving them for a week would require something more than just food and water. In other words, it is safe to leave your hamster alone for a week in a cage, but you will need to have someone to check on them while you are gone. Even though they might be perfectly safe, you still have to take into consideration that they are also pets, and they still need to be checked on. 

Therefore, even if you prepare everything before you leave for your vacation, your hamster will need fresh food and water in order to stay healthy while you are gone. You might believe that cleaning the cage and leaving enough food and water would be sufficient, but that is not everything your pet needs for a week. So, you can leave your hamster for a week as long as you have someone to come and check on them every day. 

This is necessary because hamsters need fresh food and water every 12 hours, therefore, you will need someone to do that for you. You do not need someone to be with your pet at all times, but they still need fresh replacements of life essentials, so they could survive the time while you are away. If you succeed in finding someone to come to your house for a quick check, then your hamster would be totally fine alone while you are on a vacation. 

What Do I Do With My Hamster When I Go On A Vacation? 

It might be difficult for you to separate from your pet, and you might get concerned about their well-being while you are away. However, you can do several things that will keep your mind at peace while you take a few days for yourself to get the rest you need. 

Find Proper Care For Your Hamster 

The most convenient thing would be to find someone who will be okay with checking on your hamster daily. Hamsters are quite independent, meaning they do not require a lot in order to stay in good shape while their owner is not at home. 

Therefore, you can find someone who you feel comfortable coming to your house and replacing the water and food supply for your pet. You will just have to clean the cage thoroughly before you go, and the person you find for taking care of your pet will just need to do the replacements and spend some time with your hamster to assure that everything is okay. Also, you might ask a friend or relative to take your hamster to their homes, so they will not have the obligation to come to your home every day, and you will not worry about your pet being alone.

However, some people do not feel comfortable with having a pet inside their homes, so you might have to be satisfied with only daily checking on your pet instead of a temporary home for them. 

Find A Small Animal Boarding 

What Do I Do With My Hamster When I Go On A Vacation?

If you cannot seem to find anyone who would be able to take your hamster or check on them on daily basis, your best plan B would be to find a small animal boarding that will take care of your pet properly while you are away. You can easily find institutions that provide temporary homes for animals while their owners are not at home. The employees might also provide services for visiting your pet at your home while you are away, so you should ask if this seems more convenient for you. 

Do Hamsters Miss Their Owners? 

As previously mentioned, hamsters are living creatures, so they can feel when their owners are not close by. Although most of them do not show any separation anxiety, some might get really stressed. Either way, you should know that they feel your presence or absence even if they do not show it as dogs or cats do. 

How Long Can You Leave A Hamster While On Vacation? 

If you find proper care for your hamster, they would be well-suited even if your vacation prolongs more than usual. However, if you leave them at home, make sure that your vacation lasts for a maximum of two weeks since they might get really anxious if they feel that you are not coming home for a long time.

As you can see, you can leave your hamster at home, providing that you have someone to check on them. You might leave your pet alone for a couple of days, but not for a whole vacation. 

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