Should I Give My Cat Catnip Before A Flight?

Should I Give My Cat Catnip Before A Flight?

Cats are not known as good travelers, so special methods need to be used when it comes to traveling with them. Many people try different things when it comes to calming their cat, however, many people opt to avoid giving their pet some calming medicine. So, is catnip a better option than some pills and medicine? 

Catnip is considered a great solution when it comes to calming cats down, especially before a flight. Catnip has calming effects on these pets, so it would be a proper solution for a comfortable trip. You can add some catnip to your cat’s food, or you can sprinkle some of it inside the carrier.

If you are worried that your cat will not take the flight well, you should use some methods to make them more comfortable. In this article, I have discussed the benefits of using catnip before you and your pet cat board the plane. I have also provided some other things you can try when your cat gets overwhelmed by flying. 

Is Catnip Good For Traveling? 

Should I Give My Cat Catnip Before A Flight?

When your cat gets stressed during a flight, maybe the most convenient thing would be to use some medicine to help your pet calm down. However, many people do not like using pills or other kinds of meds on their pets since that can mess up their routine and make them drowsy for a long time. Therefore, cat owners try different things to calm their kitties before boarding the plane. 

Nonetheless, other techniques that do not involve medicine take a lot of time, such as preparation at home, and getting your cat used to the carrier. Some people do not have time for things like that, therefore they opt for something that will have instant effects. However, there is another, more natural way of achieving the instant effect than using real drugs that can make the cat sleep for hours. 

Catnip is a natural solution for calming your cat, and it can make your pet comfortable even without ingesting the catnip. Catnip is actually a herb, and it is usually sold in dried condition. According to research, this herb affects a cat’s olfactory senses and makes them calm, especially during a flight.

However, catnip has different effects on different cats. Usually, when catnip is ingested it gives the cat a calming effect, but when it is sniffed, it is the other way around. Therefore, when it comes to traveling, ingested catnip might be the proper solution, and it would be a very useful one. 

Catnip is used to reduce anxiety and insomnia, and since cats can get really anxious during traveling, this kind of herb can really help out. Therefore, trying catnip to reduce the traveling stress in your cat would be a smart thing to do. It is a natural way of calming an animal down, so it is nothing to worry about as long as you give your cat a regular dosage of catnip. 

Should I Give My Cat Catnip Before A Flight? 

If you do not want to use any serious drugs during traveling, but you still want your cat to be calm and relaxed, then a little bit of catnip ingested with food might be the proper solution. They will surely become more relaxed, and their anxiety will be reduced to a minimum. Actually, catnip might be your only solution for calming your cat down in a natural way before a flight. 

If you do not want your cat to ingest catnip, you can try the sniffling effect, i.e. you can sprinkle some catnip all over the insides of the carrier in which they are about to travel. Although catnip is known to give energy to cats right after sniffling, soon after the “crazy” phase is over, they will be significantly calm. That is everything you need for your cat during a flight, and you will worry less about your pet during your trip.

However, make sure that before you decide to give your cat catnip, you consult your vet about it. It is important that you inform yourself about the proper dosage, and to learn the proper ways of giving catnip to your cat. Cats can be quite different among themselves, so the method of giving catnip might not be the same for all of them. 

Also, it is important to know when is the proper time to give catnip to your cat. You do not want to energize your cat just before the flight or make them drowsy even before arriving at the airport. Therefore, the wisest thing to do would be to ask your vet all about it and do everything in the given steps. 

Can I Bring Catnip On A Plane? 

Should I Give My Cat Catnip Before A Flight?

Catnip is a type of herb, so there might be some doubts before bringing it in through airport security. If you travel with your cat you might want to have catnip always with you, so you would want to take your catnip on the plane. Some people tend to use catnip for themselves due to anxiety during flights. 

Luckily, catnip is not considered a prohibited drug, and it is allowed to take it with you through airport security. However, make sure that you pack it in a visible and accessible place, so the security officers can inspect it thoroughly. You do not want to rise suspicions, so make sure that you declare your herbs as soon as you get to the scanner. 

As you can see, catnip might be the ideal solution if your cat gets anxious or upset during flights. However, make sure that you give catnip in appropriate amounts and at the right time, so you would get the effect your cat needs. 

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