Is It OK To Leave A Cat In A Car?

Is It OK To Leave A Cat In A Car?

You may already know that most cats are not big fans of car rides, so traveling with them in the car might be a great struggle. Cats are not known as good travelers, so you should expect unpleasant behavior from your cat during a car ride. However, can you leave your cat in a car for some time? 

It is highly recommended that you never leave your cat in a car unattended since they are pets that cannot stand being secluded in a closed space. This especially refers to when the temperatures are significantly high, and cracking windows open will not help. So, it is neither safe nor healthy.

This article is focused primarily on a cat’s safety in a car, and whether or not you should leave them in there for some time. Here, I will explain how cats behave during car rides and what you can do when you have to transport your pet cat from one place to another. I will also provide some information on how long it is safe to leave a cat in a car, so you will be sure that you will not cause any damage to your pet. 

Are Car Rides Good For Cats? 

Is It OK To Leave A Cat In A Car?

Generally, cats do not like traveling and car rides, so you should expect some anxious and stressed behaviors in these cases. They are known as animals who enjoy routines and home atmosphere, so moving and changing places is not their favorite thing. There are cats that not only get stressed but also sick due to the car’s movements. 

There are also cases in which cats with chronic diseases show worsening of symptoms, and sometimes this can be really dangerous. Therefore, many people avoid traveling with their cats and opt to leave them behind whenever there is no necessity of taking them on a trip. In cases when leaving cats at home is not an option, there are particular methods that should be done in order to calm the cat down. 

On the other hand, there are cats that can get used to car rides really well and be excellent travelers. This is usually possible if the cat has learned to travel from an early age. When cats are still very young, they can adapt to these kinds of routines better, so they will not show any discomfort during future trips. 

If your cat shows anxiety and stress while riding in a car, you will need to try some things that might make traveling better. For instance, choosing the right carrier with familiar things inside can be really helpful, as well as trying some natural medicine for calming the cat down. However, if it is not crucial for your cat to travel with you, then leaving them at home would be the best option. 

Is It OK To Leave A Cat In A Car? 

Cats are not like dogs at all, so they behave quite differently, especially when they are in a car. It is highly recommended that you never leave your cat in a car, even for a short time. Cats are not animals that can be closed in a car for a long time, so it is better that you do not try this. 

Leaving a cat in a car can be especially dangerous when the temperatures are extremely high or extremely low. In the summertime, the temperatures can rise to an extreme level, and make the temperature in the car higher, even if the car is in shade. This can lead to irreparable organ damage, and you definitely do not want this for your cat. 

In addition, when you feel that the weather outside is comfortable, that does not mean that your cat will feel the same way in a car. You need to remember that cats are covered in fur, and this makes them hot most of the time, meaning that they do not feel as comfortable as you at the same temperatures. Cooler days are not of any help as well since cats get hot inside the car in the first thirty minutes.

Also, cracking your windows open will not help. As I mentioned, cats are different from dogs, so while cracking the windows open in the car is okay for dogs, that does not refer to cats as well. This being said, you might believe that cold days would be okay for your cat, however, low temperatures may lead to your cat freezing to death. Therefore, it is better that you never attempt leaving your cat in a car since it is neither safe nor healthy for them. 

How Long Can You Leave A Cat Alone In The Car? 

Is It OK To Leave A Cat In A Car?

When it comes to traveling with your cat in a car, then they can be fine for up to eight hours inside a carrier. However, this applies only when you are inside the car as well. Cats get stressed when they are traveling, but your presence can surely make them calmer. 

On the other hand, when it comes to leaving them alone in the car, you should not attempt this for your cat since it might lead to unpleasant occurrences. A cat’s reactions are quite different when they are left alone in a car. The levels of anxiety and stress can significantly rise, so they might get colder or hotter inside the car, depending on the weather conditions. 

Therefore, it is not recommended that you leave your cat alone in the car even for several minutes. So, make sure that when you ride with your cat, you do not run any errands, or make shorts stops. 

Leaving your cat alone in the car is not safe for your pet, so you should not try it at all. You would not like to put your cat’s life in a dangerous situation, so you better not leave them unattended even when you know that you will be back in no time. 

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