How To Travel With Three Guinea Pigs?

How To Travel With Three Guinea Pigs?

Nowadays, traveling with pets is common, so guinea pigs are not excluded from this occurrence. However, they are smaller pets, and they require special steps in the traveling procedure, especially when you have three of them and you intend to take all of them with you on a trip. So, how should you travel with three guinea pigs? 

If you want to travel with three guinea pigs, you should obtain a carrier that is big enough to provide a comfy space for each of them. You should always opt for a pet carrier since this is the safest way to transport these pets, and you should provide some food and bedding in order to keep them calm. 

You may be familiar with how to travel with a dog or cat, so you might think that taking your guinea pigs on a trip would be the same. However, the procedure for these pets is a little bit different, especially if there is more than one at once. This article contains everything you need to know about traveling with guinea pigs, so you would be prepared to have a safe and smooth trip without any stressful occurrences. 

How Much Space Do 3 Guinea Pigs Need When Traveling? 

How To Travel With Three Guinea Pigs?

Some guinea pigs can grow to be quite big, while others stay at a medium size. Depending on the size, you would like to obtain a carrier that will be comfortable for three guinea pigs and make them feel comfortable during the whole trip. Usually, there are a lot of options, so you just have to pick the one you believe is the most convenient for you and your pets. 

Generally, the ordinary carriers are definitely perfect for the transportation of two guinea pigs. However, if you want to make your trip more practical, you would like to be able to put your pets in one place, i.e. one carrier. Luckily, there are solutions for this case as well since there are carriers and cages that provide space big enough for three guinea pigs. 

Many people opt for a soft and breathable carrier that is the right size to suit three guinea pigs. In addition, this is a good option because a soft carrier is easy to carry, and you can be sure that your guinea pigs will feel comfortable during the trip. 

On the other hand, you can also choose a type of cage that can provide space for three guinea pigs, and it is suitable for transporting. If you are taking your pets on a longer trip, this type of cage could be convenient due to the special containers for food and water. These containers have a particular place inside the cage, so your guinea pigs can use them whenever they have the necessity to do so.  

This is not a regular cage, but one that is suitable for traveling and providing space for the guinea pigs to move freely inside of it. One example of this kind of cage is the Ferplast Cavie that makes guinea pigs relaxed during a trip and keeps them provided with food and drink at all times. However, it might take more space inside a car, so you need to consider this before buying one.

How To Travel With Three Guinea Pigs? 

The first thing you need to provide for your guinea pigs is a good carrier or cage that has the ability to be transported. Also, you have to make sure that the carrier is big enough to allow the guinea pigs to move around the cage freely and without obstructions. If they feel secluded, they might get stressed and anxious, and that can really affect their health negatively. 

Once you find a suitable carrier, you have to think about what to put inside of it. The first thing you should consider is the bedding inside. You should not opt for a blanket since that might keep them really hot at some point of the trip, so a puppy or a fleece pad would be the more convenient choice. 

In addition, you should include something that could keep your guinea pigs hydrated, such as a piece of watermelon. Also, you might include small chops of carrots to keep your pets full during the trip. 

What Is The Best Way To Transport A Guinea Pig? 

How To Travel With Three Guinea Pigs?

The carrier plays a crucial part in the transporting process. You need to find a suitable carrier that will allow free movement and breathability for the guinea pig during the trip. Guinea pigs are still tiny animals, and keeping them in a secluded space without the possibility to move will be quite stressful to them. 

A transporting carrier is considered the safest choice, although there might be some other options. For instance, some people choose to transport their guinea pigs in the cage in which they keep them at home. However, this is not really responsible from the owner’s side considering that riding a car can include a lot of bumps and sudden movements that can cause the guinea pigs to hurt themselves along the ride. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for a special carrier that will allow comfort and coziness for the guinea pig. Also, you need to make sure that you will include proper bedding inside the carrier, so your pet will not slide from side to side during the ride. Lastly, make sure that you will secure the carrier with a belt to keep it in one place on the seat, and avoid any possible dangerous movements. 

Traveling with three guinea pigs might involve more steps in the process of preparation and bigger carriers that might not be so convenient for carrying. However, it is possible to transport all of your pets safely in one carrier as long as you include other things inside to keep them calm and relaxed. 

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