How Much Does It Cost To Fly With Your Pet?

How Much Does It Cost To Fly With Your Pet?

When you are looking into the options for flying with your pet, you also need to consider the costs that you will need to cover for that purpose. Prices might vary from airline to airline, and some of them might be really pricey, so you will want to do good research when it comes to these payments. Therefore, how much does it cost to fly with your pet, and are there any additional things you need to take into consideration when it comes to prices?

In order to fly with your pet in the cabin, you will need to pay around $100 to $125 one way. However, the costs might be much higher, if you have a larger pet that needs to fly in the cargo hold. Also, you need to consider that you will need an airline-compliant pet carrier, as well as a microchip. 

Planning a trip with your pet by airplane includes managing your budget in an organized way since you will have a lot of additional costs. Therefore, you need to know everything related to prices before you decide to take your dog on a flight. Here, you will read all the information you need to know concerning the prices for flying with your pet, as well as the additional fees that might come with it. 

Do You Have To Pay To Take A Pet On A Plane? 

How Much Does It Cost To Fly With Your Pet?

Although you carry your pets as a kind of luggage, whether in the cabin, or you checked them in, you still have to pay a certain amount of money to be able to take them on a plane. The prices are different in various airlines, however, the differences are not really significant since most airlines have similar or the same rules and regulations concerning pets on a flight. Nonetheless, you need to know that the prices do not only vary among airlines, but they are also different depending on where your pet travels, i.e. whether they go with you in the cabin, or they travel in the hold or cargo. 

Also, the cost might vary in the same airline depending on the destination, i.e. the durability of the flight, as well as whether you are traveling domestically or internationally. These things also make a difference, so you should take them into consideration. 

Lastly, you need to think about additional costs that you do not pay to the airline, however, they are connected to the flight with your pet. For instance, if you do not own a pet carrier, you need to purchase one, and you need to be careful in your choice since it needs to be compliant with the airline you are traveling with. Also, you might need to microchip your pet because most airlines require microchips to allow the pet to get on the flight. 

In other words, you have to pay to take your pet on a plane, and this is usually followed by some additional fees. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fly With Your Pet? 

There are a lot of different prices when it comes to flying with pets, and they depend on various things. 

Firstly, if you intend to fly within European countries, you will see that the prices of the European airlines are the cheapest. For instance, the eastern European airlines charge around 25 to 40 euros for a pet on domestic flights, while the rest of the European airline companies charge around 50 euros. However, these airlines also consider the length of the flight, therefore, the short-haul flights cost around 50 euros per pet, while the long-haul ones around 100.

On the other hand, traveling with pets in the United States costs way more since there are longer flights included. The regular rates for pets on domestic flights are around $100 to $125. This price refers to pets that are traveling in-cabin with their owners. The costs for pets traveling in the hold, or as cargo are even higher. 

This is due to the fact that pets that are traveling in the hold, or as cargo are larger in size, and they generally travel in big and hefty crates. Different sizes of crates mean different prices for the flight of your pet. 

The most expensive rates come when pets are traveling as cargo. In this case, the prices might come at around $1000, and additional fees might be included. The additional fees refer to custom charges, however, this will depend on the destination where you travel and their specific requirements. 

What Airline Has The Cheapest Pet Fee? 

How Much Does It Cost To Fly With Your Pet?

When it comes to European airlines, the cheapest pet fee is 9 euros per pet on a domestic flight provided by a Turkish company called Pegasus Airline. While in the US the rates are higher, the cheapest ones might be found by Frontier at $75, and Southwest at $95. These prices refer to traveling with pets in the cabin. 

However, you need to consider that you might have to buy a carrier that will be in accordance with the airline’s regulations. Therefore, you should also consider those details when comparing the prices among airlines.  

Do Any Airlines Not Charge For Pets? 

Unfortunately, there is no airline that lets pets fly for free. There might be some companies that offer low prices or some discounts, but there is not one that will allow you to take your pet on the flight for free. Even if you are checking your pet to travel in the hold, and you do not carry any additional baggage with you, you will still be required to pay. 

It can be said that traveling with pets is quite expensive, and comes with a lot of additional costs. Therefore, unless it is absolutely necessary, you should reconsider when it comes to taking your pet on a trip with you. 

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