How Do You Travel With Your Pet Skunk

How do You Travel with Your Pet Skunk

Owning a skunk as a pet is a bit of a hassle per se, and traveling with them is on a whole different level. Since most people cringe at the mention of a skunk, it can be tasking to travel freely with your skunk. But how do you defy all odds to travel with your pet skunk?

You can travel with your skunk in your car if owning skunks as pets is legal in your destination. You should get all the necessary permits to own and transport skunks to your destination before your departure to avoid any legal trouble.

If you’re planning to move, having a pet skunk throws another issue in the mix. In this article, you’ll learn some ways to travel with your pet skunk without much legal trouble.

Can You Fly with Your Pet Skunk?

How do You Travel with Your Pet Skunk

There is no specific regulation banning the transportation of skunks via a flight in the United States. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an airline that will let you fly with your pet skunk due to the stereotype against them.

While most pet skunks are descented, most people still see them as that smelly little animal that leaves a scent that lingers on for weeks whenever you come in contact with them. Due to this stereotype, most people will gladly cancel their flights once they learn that a skunk is flying with them, even if it’s not in the cabin.

If you need to take your skunk with you on a trip, it’s best to transport them in your car. If you’re going on an international trip, the best option is to find a pet sitter to look after it while you’re gone.

If you’re moving permanently, however, you should explore the possibilities of using a pet relocation company. While there aren’t many relocation agencies willing to help you transport pet skunks, you really can’t tell how lucky you might be.

The last option, and also, the most likely, is selling your skunk or parting with it in another way. You can gift the pet to a shelter or interested individuals if you’re not surrounded by people who think skunks are smelly little rodents.

How Do You Travel by Car with Your Pet Skunk?

Traveling with your pet skunk by car is possible but not easy. There are many activities to carry out before they travel to ensure that you’re traveling legally.

In this section, you’ll learn the necessary steps required to travel safely across the US with a pet skunk.

1. Ensure the skunk is healthy.

The first step towards traveling safely with a skunk, even in your vehicle, is seeing a veterinarian. Skunks are prone to many conditions that may worsen during a car trip, and you don’t want to endanger your pet’s health due to a journey.

Finding a veterinarian that’s capable of treating skunks is quite demanding. Since they’re not commonly kept as pets, most vets don’t care to specialize in caring for them. If you have a pet skunk, however, you must have a vet that’s capable of treating them nearby.

If required, you should also get appropriate passes that will legally let you transport your skunk. If your skunk shows any signs of unhealthiness, you must delay the trip until it’s healthy enough to embark on it.

2. Learn the regulations.

Skunks are illegal as pets in most US states. If you’re traveling out of your state, the chances are high that you’re moving into a state where they’re illegal.

It is crucial to read through some of the destination state’s regulations about pet skunks to avoid flouting regulations. If they appear to be illegal, you’ll be doing yourself and your pet a lot of good by leaving them behind.

It’s important to note that some states will let you own skunks as a pet only if you have the appropriate permits. If that happens to be the case with your destination state, you should push to get the permits before embarking on the journey.

3. Get a cage.

How do You Travel with Your Pet Skunk

Skunks are curious animals that will wander around your car if given the opportunity. If you let them, they’ll chew most chewable items in the vehicle. They may even stick inside it and refuse to come out after the trip.

To avoid all of these outcomes, you’ll need a cage to travel with your skunk. You don’t need a cage formulated especially for skunks; good luck finding that anyway.

Instead, you can use any crate that’s big enough to give them some wiggling room and also sturdy enough to prevent the skunk from chewing on them. If you have a decently sized dog kennel that fits inside your car, you don’t need additional facilities to transport your skunk.

You should avoid keeping the skunk in the crate for many hours at a time. Also, you can’t afford to leave your pet in the cage overnight if you don’t want to wake up to a dead skunk.

4. Pack some food.

If you’re traveling with any pet, you’ll need food supplies to last them through the trip, and skunks are no exception. To ensure a smooth and safe journey, you must bring some food and water along for your skunk as you do for yourself.

Unless you’re going on an incredibly long trip, you’ll only need to feed your skunk once while traveling. However, you’ll almost certainly not find food for your skunk as soon as you get to your destination.

So, you need to pack sufficient food and water to last your pet for days after the trip before you can find a store that sells foods for skunks. You can also pack some toys to keep your pet entertained throughout the journey.

If your skunk is perfectly healthy and you’ve confirmed the legality of skunks in your destination, you can travel with your skunk using your car. This way, you’re unlikely to run into any major issues, either with the skunk, an airline, or the government.

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