How Do You Thank Someone for Dog Sitting?

How Do You Thank Someone for Dog Sitting?

If a friend volunteered to look after your puppy while you’re away, it’s a huge help. You should be very thankful, and it should show. If you don’t have experience thanking people for things, it may come across as difficult; but how do you thank someone for sitting your dog?

There are various ways to thank someone for pet sitting. Two of the best ways are sending a thank you note and buying them a gift. Even if you’re paying the sitter for the service, sending a thank-you note still doesn’t hurt.

In this article, you’ll get ideas for creative “thank you” notes to send to your dog sitter. You’ll also learn about some clever gifts every dog sitter will love, regardless of if they’re your friend or just a random professional but trusty dog sitter.

How Do You Thank Someone for Dog Sitting?

How Do You Thank Someone for Dog Sitting?

It is quite difficult to come up with the perfect words to thank your pet sitter. However, you can try some of our tried and tested examples that will get your pet sitter smiling, even if it was a professional.

You can write the note from the point of view of your dogs. Your dogs can’t write, but they are also thankful for a great pet sitter. Addressing the note to your pet sitter from your dogs is a clever but interesting way to write a thank you note to someone for dog sitting.

And as recommended in the previous section, you should always thank your dog sitter, even if you’re paying them. Here are some ways to write “thank you” notes to your pet sitter from your dogs’ point of view to leave them feeling accomplished.

To leave room for maximum creativity, we didn’t write it as you’d typically send it to the pet sitter. Feel free to use these as an inspiration to write the best thank you note as you see fit.

  • You can write a note thanking the pet sitter how much the dogs liked to be fed when you were away. To add some flattering, you can say their services were just as good, if not better than what you’d do, according to the dogs.
  • If the pet sitter takes your dog on specific activities, you can write a note supposedly from your dogs, thanking them for the activity. Your dogs can also express gratitude for the treats they get almost every day because, who said dogs have no sense of gratitude.

Of course, the thank you note doesn’t have to be from your dogs. While it would be nice to let your dogs write it, why not send it directly by yourself, telling them the dogs appreciated their gestures.

Here are some clever inspirations for writing thank you notes from your point of view, as opposed to from your dogs.

  • Thank them for watching the dogs in your absence and let them know you couldn’t have done it better. If they did something else other than looking after your pet, you can thank them for it too, and that still applies if you paid the pet sitter.
  • Another clever twist to the previous style is listing the specific things your dog sitter did while you were away. Writing “walking the dog for a couple of miles was a great help” certainly reads better than “thank you for the service.”

If the dog sitter was your friend, you can throw a thank you gift into the mix. This isn’t to say you can’t gift professional pet sitters, just that it’s always easier to buy something for your friend. The next section will suggest some of the nicest gifts for someone who helps you to sit a dog.

Is It OK to Buy Something for Your Dog Sitter?

It is certainly okay to buy something for your dog sitter, especially if they rendered excellent service. However, if you requested your friend to sit with your dog without specifically discussing payment, it becomes somewhat necessary to get some gifts for them.

One of the biggest things to gift a dog sitter is “not scolding them.” As harsh as it may sound, some people actively scold their pet sitters, shouting at them for mistakes as simple as checking their iPhone while on duty.

If your pet sitter does something you don’t appreciate, you may correct them patiently if it directly affects your dog. Otherwise, you should generally assume that they know it was a mistake, and you should expect them to change naturally.

Another rule is never to complain whenever your friend is helping you to sit with your dog. Regardless of what they do while sitting with your dog, you have no right to complain. If you want professional service, why not pay a professional.

What would be a Nice Gift for Someone Looking after a Dog?

How Do You Thank Someone for Dog Sitting?

Now that you know it’s recommended to gift your pet sitter, determining what to get your pet sitter becomes another hassle. It’s honestly difficult to come up with gifts for someone, especially if they looked after your dog.

Here are some clever gifts for someone looking after your dog that will certainly elicit a smile and a feeling of accomplishment.

1. Cash

Nothing beats a little cash gift to your pet sitter, and that still holds, even if they got paid for the service. Sliding an extra $25 into their payment won’t go unnoticed, and your dog sitter will thank you for this.

A gift card also works as well. If you have a gift card from Amazon or Walmart, you can send it along with your thank you note for added effectiveness.

2. Thank You dog mug

A thank you note is great, but it’s even greater when you send it beautifully printed on a mug. If you’re a fan of graphic design, you can spend a couple of minutes designing a mug with a thank you message, either from your dogs or from you.

3. Pet sitting supplies

If you’re unsure what to get for a professional pet sitter, why not send some essential supplies for every pet sitter. A quick search on Google will reveal some clever things to buy for your pet. Every pro pet sitter will appreciate a gift of poop bags lint rollers.

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