How Do You Sneak a Hamster on a Plane?

How Do You Sneak a Hamster on a Plane?

It’s not your fault; many people are also desperately looking for ways to carry their pet hamsters on a flight. But with most airlines charging north of $100 for carrying a pet that should be free, you’ll consider smuggling. But how do you sneak a hamster on a plane without getting caught?

Hamsters are very small animals and you can fit their cage into a little messenger bag for portability. To sneak your hamster on a flight without getting caught, you would need to fit their container in your baggage. If you can afford to pay for a legal passage, trying to smuggle isn’t worth it.

While we do not encourage sneaking your pet hamster on a plane, you take responsibility for your actions. If you’re willing to face any repercussions of this action, why miss out on the fun?

Can You Sneak Animals on a Plane?

How Do You Sneak a Hamster on a Plane?

If you’re planning to do it yourself, it must be because you’ve heard accounts of people smuggling their animals through an airplane successfully. Before attempting to replicate their anecdotal successes, it’s important to learn if it’s possible to smuggle animals on an airplane.

It’s certainly possible to sneak animals on an airplane, but the chances of success may vary based on several factors. While most people try to pack their pets as part of their baggage, others simply get a fake certification for their pet as an emotional support animal.

If your pet is a service pet or an emotional support animal, it gets to ride in the cabin with you for free. Only approved professionals should certify animals as emotional support animals, but that is increasingly sold as a service.

You should only attempt to sneak an animal on an airplane if there are no viable alternatives. If you’re caught trying to smuggle your pet, the penalty might range from having to pay a surcharge, to expelling your pet from the plane.

Since you don’t want your pet to suffer as a result of your mistakes, paying the extra bucks for a safe flight with your pet is always worthwhile.

How Do You Sneak a Hamster on a Plane?

Sometimes, you book a flight, only to discover that you won’t be allowed to bring your hamster along. In this case, your only option might be to smuggle it into the plane. While we recommend finding pet relocation agencies or some other alternatives, you can also attempt sneaking in the hamster.

If you’ve decided to go the illegal route, I can help. But there are a couple of things to put in place to ensure a seamless flight. Here are the steps required to smuggle your hamster onto a flight without getting caught.

1. Verify that hamsters are legal in your destination.

Firstly, you should never try sneaking an animal over an international flight. The best-case scenario from that will see your hamster dead, with you risking a huge fine, especially if hamsters are illegal in your destination.

If it’s a local flight, however, it’s generally safer. However, you should also confirm if you can legally keep a hamster as a pet in your destination. Hamsters are illegal in states like Hawaii and California, while some will require specific licenses to let you keep one.

Before starting to plan your flight, it’s important to research to learn if you’ll be getting into legal trouble due to differences in regulations.

2. Get a travel cage and set it up for the flight.

Sneaking your hamster into a plane for a flight isn’t very different from paying to get your hamster across. You’ll have to get a decent travel cage that’s just big enough to contain the hamster, as well as its food and bedding conveniently.

You want the entire package to be small enough to fit into your carry-on package without being too obvious. Also, putting the travel cage directly in your baggage will command unwanted attention. Get a compact bag, like a messenger bag to hide the cage.

If you need help with setting up the travel cage, you can refer to your hamster’s usual cage. You should pack supplies that occur naturally in its cage, except that you must prioritize packing fruits with high moisture content.

3. Check-in as normal.

How Do You Sneak a Hamster on a Plane?

Unless you go about announcing that you’re carrying a banned pet, you should be able to get through all the procedures without getting caught. Sometimes, you may get caught without necessarily having to serve any penalties if you’re friendly enough.

To keep your hamster safe and undetected, try to keep the messenger bag with you as much as possible. If the bag is slung across your shoulder or over your chest, it will appear natural, and nobody can ever tell you’re carrying a banned item.

4. Lie if necessary.

If the numerous security checks exposed the fact that you’re trying to sneak in a hamster, never admit it. You should only act like you think it’s normal and you’re unaware of the fact that the airline prohibits carrying hamsters on flights.

You may even claim that your doctor recommended it as a travel companion because you’re scared of flights. This line works magic, as you’re defining emotional support animals in layman terms, showing that you mightn’t be lying anyway.

Most times, the pilot may allow you to fly with your hamster for no extra charge. To make your claims more credible, consider buying a fake emotional support animal recommendation online.

While it’s illegal to forge certifications, who said smuggling your hamster through a flight without paying the necessary fees was legal in the first place?

What Airlines Allow You to Fly with a Hamster?

Taking a second look at the procedures for sneaking a hamster on a plane, you can easily deduce that it’s unnecessarily complex. When you consider the fact that a hamster can fly legally on most airplanes, it’s pretty clear that the activity is unworthy.

Unless you own a private jet or an emotional support animal, Frontier Airlines is your only option if you want your hamster to fly in the cabin.

If you don’t mind your hamster traveling in cargo, Air Europa, West Jet, Japan Airlines, Aegean Airlines, etc. can help you out. You may have to read their terms and conditions and familiarize yourself with their rates.

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