Does Traveling Affect Cats?

Does Traveling Affect Cats?

Cats are peculiar animals and pets, and they have their own ways of life and comfort, so sometimes, it is not easy to get them to do different things to which they are not used. When it comes to traveling, you should know that each pet reacts differently to it, and cats are no exception in this case. So, does traveling affect cats, and what kind of reaction might it cause in these furry pets? 

Cats and traveling might not be a good combination because these animals get quite stressed when they are faced with a trip. Since cats like routine and comfort, traveling might come as a big change. So, if you need to take them with you when going away, make sure they feel comfortable and safe. 

In this article, I will discuss the impact and the effect that traveling has on cats. These furry animals can be delicate when it comes to changing their location, so you need to learn the best ways in which you can successfully and safely travel with them. After reading this article, you will see how traveling affects cats and whether it is a good option to always take them with you when you are going away. 

Is Traveling Bad For Cats? 

Does Traveling Affect Cats?

Some cats may handle traveling quite well, while others can get significantly stressed. It cannot be said that traveling is bad for cats, however, some of them might not experience it and manage it well, so you might need some additional preparation if you intend to take your furry friend on a trip. Some cat owners consider medication that helps to keep the cat relaxed and calm during the trip, but you should not give anything to your pet before consulting with your vet.

However, if you are just taking a short trip or a vacation, it is better to leave your cat at home. While some cats do not show any signs of distress, most of the others would be intense and under a lot of pressure. This is due to the fact that cats prefer routine and comfort, and they do not deal with changes very well. 

As I mentioned before, cats are quite peculiar and they build up their own habits, so traveling for hours might really mess them up, and they would not like that. You might see some serious changes in their behavior, and it might take days to get them to adapt to the new environment. It is not only the trip that might stress them out but also the accommodation where you will eventually stay for the intended days. 

It is better to leave them home and have someone take care of them, such as a family member or a friend. If you are a cat owner, you probably know that cats in general, unlike dogs, can be pretty calm, and do not require a lot of care to be addressed to them. However, this also depends on the personality of the cat, so if your pet requires special attention, then you might want to find a sitter, or get them in the pet boarding facility for the time being. 

Does Traveling Affect Cats? 

Traveling can affect cats greatly since it imposes a lot of stress on them. When cats are deprived of their comfort zone, they might start acting strange and show some different ways of behavior that you have not seen before. This is how they show that something is bothering them, and in this case, it would be traveling. 

However, if you take the appropriate measures to make traveling comfortable, then cats can be lovely travel companions, and you should not notice any strange behavior and distress during the travel. It is all about careful planning and travel strategy, along with everything that might contribute to the comfort of your cat during the journey. If you consult with your vet, you will be prepared to take your furry friend on a trip without any issues. 

You will have to teach them some things before the trip, so they will know what to expect. The biggest problem for cats might be the carrier in which they are supposed to travel, so getting them used to the carrier might be a great deal of help, and might solve all of your problems concerning traveling. Once they get used to the carrier and the place in which they are supposed to travel, a several-hour trip should not be a problem. 

Nonetheless, this is not possible for all cats since all of them have different habits and personalities. What works for one cat might not work for the other, so you need to be careful and see what will be convenient for your pet. Do not try to force the traveling at any cost if it does not work for your cat and it is not necessary because that way you can really create some traumatizing experience. 

What Is The Best Way To Travel With A Cat? 

Does Traveling Affect Cats?

If you decide to take your cat on a trip, you should consider a few things. Firstly, the most appropriate means of travel would be a car or a train since the plane could be quite stressful. If your only option is air travel, then ask for the cabin option if it is possible and the airline allows it. 

Whatever transport means you choose, make sure that you also provide the following things for your pet:

  • A proper-sized crate or carrier that is well-ventilated and safe. 
  • If you travel by car, try to take your cat on some short drives first, so they can get used to it. 
  • Feed your cat at least three hours before the trip. 
  • Make sure that your cat is microchipped, or they have the proper identification tag. 
  • Take a cat’s travel kit that will include food, dishes, litterbox, grooming supplies, cat toys, medication, and everything else that you consider essential for your pet. 

As you could see, cats are not the best travelers since they can get stressed. However, that does not make traveling impossible for them. If traveling is inevitable, make sure that you take the proper measures to provide comfort for your cat during the trip.

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