Do You Tip Pet Sitters?

Do You Tip Pet Sitters?

Pet sitting is a service provided for cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, reptiles, and other pets in your home. The service provider comes to your home to give your pet the love and care it needs when you are unavailable. Do you tip pet sitters regardless of the duration of care?

Tipping pet sitters is your prerogative, and it is neither required nor requested, but if you do tip pet sitters, they appreciate it. Your expression of thanks does not have to be cash for it to count – you could bring them a small gift or a nice thank you note.

This article explores the cost of pet sitting. It focuses on the protocols of tipping in the pet sitting service. There are tips on choosing the best pet sitter and how much you should pay someone to feed your dog.

How Much Should You Pay for Pet Sitting?

Do You Tip Pet Sitters?

Pet sitters provide care for your pets in your home while you are away. A sitter visits your home once or many times per day to feed, exercise, and administer medications to your pet. Pet sitters also clean out cages, change litter boxes, take your pet outside, and keep your pet company. 

The average charge for pet sitting is $25 to $30 per day, and it can increase based on the services provided. Thirty minutes costs $25 on average, and overnight care can cost up to $80.

Besides pet-focused care, pet sitters may also take care of some errands for you. They may water plants, take out the trash, check doors and windows for security, and collect your mail. 

You can request these extra services, or your pet sitter may do it voluntarily. 

Whatever the case, you can factor this into what you pay or tip them. Pet sitters can charge more apart from their standard rates, and some factors that increase the rates are:

  • Overnight and 24-hour care

If you go on a business trip or a vacation that lasts for more than a day, your pet will need more than a few hours of care. The costs for round-the-clock care are higher than the costs for a brief visit because you will pay for the pet sitter’s entire time.

Your pet may need extra attention because of age (young or elderly), illness, or recent surgery. You can also use this type of care if you don’t want to leave your pet alone. It can cost you up to $200, but it is worth every dollar.

  • Location

Pet sitters in big cities and areas with a higher living cost will charge more than those in small towns and rural areas. If the pet sitter also has to travel long distances through traffic, their rates will include transportation fees and extra time.

  • The number of pets

Most pet sitters apply their standard rates to one or two animals. The more pets you have, the higher they will charge. Rates will depend on the effort needed to care for the extra animals, and it could be a flat rate per animal, or it could be specific.

  • The season

On holidays, more pet owners take vacations and go on trips. Many sitters charge more for care during these times.

How to Choose the Best Pet Sitter

Do You Tip Pet Sitters?

Your pets are beloved family members, and it is natural to desire the best care for them. When you have to travel, the person who takes your place should be the best and here is how to make a good choice:

  1. Be clear on why you need a pet sitter

Understanding the services you want will help you pick a pet sitter that can give you precisely what you want. If your pet has to take medications, you need a sitter that knows how to administer medications.

  1. Check references and read reviews

Licensed and insured pet sitters are ideal for your pets. You can look up the reviews for a pet sitter’s service and if you have to, confirm their references. Go the entire distance to get the best care for your pet.

  1. Ask about their plans for emergencies and contingencies

A pet sitter should have plans for when they cannot make it to your home and if your pet gets hurt or goes missing. You can only have a measure of peace if you leave your pets in capable hands.

Do You Tip Pet Sitters?

The service industry is rife with tipping, and pet sitting is a part of the service industry. You tip to appreciate excellent service or to express your thanks. Whether a delivery person, a waiter, or even your pet sitter, your tips are always appreciated

Pet sitters neither require nor expect your tip, but they are happy to receive it. An okay service can get between 10% and 15% of their standard rate, and a service that exceeds average can get 20% or more.

These rates are not set in stone, and you are free to tip what you can afford. Remember, it is your personal decision to tip. Apart from expressing your thanks with tips, you can do other things, including:

  • Giving positive reviews on major online platforms.
  • Gift cards and thank you cards.
  • Continuing with their services for a long time.

You can tip after their first service, during the holidays, or if you call them in an emergency. If your pet is usually challenging to handle, offering a tip is also ideal.

How Much Should I Pay Someone Just to Feed My Dog?

You can pay between $15 to $25. What you pay depends on the daily or hourly rates of the pet sitter and how far they travel to your house.

Feeding your dog is not all they will do when they get to your house. As they provide food and water for your dog, they will interact with your dog. The person might also need to clean up after your dog.

Even though your pet sitter enjoys spending time with your pet and probably loves them like their own, it is nice to appreciate them when you can. Tips and other gifts also act as an incentive to give you and your pet the best service

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