Do Car Rides Stress Guinea Pigs?

Do Car Rides Stress Guinea Pigs?

Some pets cannot stand car rides, and they get quite stressed and anxious during them, meaning that sometimes it is necessary to leave them at home. Guinea pigs are known as sensitive animals that require special care, and when it comes to traveling you need to be super careful in order to keep them safe. However, are car rides stressful for guinea pigs, or can they actually handle them well? 

Generally, guinea pigs behave well during car rides, and they can endure even a long ride that lasts about three or four hours. However, there are different personalities among guinea pigs, so some of them cannot handle a car ride well. For those pets, it is recommended that they stay at home. 

You might be thinking of taking your guinea pig on a car trip along with you, but you do not want to impose unnecessary stress on your pet. Therefore, you will need to read the whole article in order to learn how you can make car rides calmer and more comfortable for your guinea pig. Also, you will read about the risks that might be imposed on your pet when they travel by car, and when it would be wiser to leave them at home.

Is It Okay To Take Your Guinea Pig In A Car? 

Do Car Rides Stress Guinea Pigs?

Most guinea pigs would feel comfortable riding in a car, meaning they would be calm and the card ride will not affect them in any way. Also, most of these pets can stand a long car ride that would last for about three or four hours. After the car ride, you would probably not notice any signs of distress in your guinea pig, and you will see that your pet is completely calm and safe. 

However, some guinea pigs can show signs of stress and anxiety during and after the car ride, even if it lasted for a really short time. Whether a guinea pig can withstand a car ride usually depends on their personality. Some of these pets do not feel relaxed due to the movements that happen inside the car, so they become stressed and show odd behavior. 

In order to be sure that it is okay to take your guinea pig on a car ride, you should consult your vet. This is the best way to ensure that the car ride will not affect your pet in any way. Also, the vet might tell you what you can do to make your guinea pig calmer and more comfortable while traveling by car. 

Is It Stressful For Guinea Pigs To Travel? 

As mentioned above, how guinea pigs react to traveling, usually, depends on the type of their personality. Some guinea pigs are significantly sensitive, so they cannot withstand changing places, so it is better to leave them at home if it is not completely necessary to take them with you. However, the more relaxed guinea pigs do not mind traveling, and they can go on car rides even for hours. 

This especially refers to guinea pigs that have been accustomed to traveling from an early age. If you have taken your pet on car rides regularly when they were still very young, they probably do not show any difference in behavior when they travel. You just need a suitable carrier, and you can go on without any worry. 

In order to avoid the occurrence of stress, you would probably need to take a few things into consideration and make the trip as smooth as possible. That means that you will have to think about the cage of your guinea pig, their food during the trip, as well as the attention you give them for the time being.


A trip with your guinea pig would be far less stressful if you provide a suitable and safe cage. In other words, your pet would need a transporter in which they can move freely, breathe without obstruction, and feel stable during the ride. That means you would have to provide appropriate bedding inside the cage, you would have to fasten the cage on the seat, and the cage would allow air to enter inside of it. 


Even if the trip is short, your guinea pig will still need some food to be calm and relaxed. Therefore, you might consider putting some vegetables inside of the cage, such as carrots or lettuce, or palette food, and timothy hay. However, make sure that you do not exaggerate the amount of food you put inside the cage, in order to avoid your pet getting sick. 


Make sure that you consider your guinea pig as a real travel companion during the trip. That means that you should show them love and affection each time you make stops on the road. They will feel more secure that way since they also have feelings that should not be neglected.

How Do You Keep A Guinea Pig Calm In The Car? 

Do Car Rides Stress Guinea Pigs?

If your guinea pig is used to car rides, they would probably stay relaxed during the trip. However, if you are taking your pet on a car ride for the first time, you should think about ways to keep them relaxed. 

Primarily, a suitable cage or carrier is of crucial importance, so you have to deal with that first. In addition, make sure that your guinea pig gets used to the carrier or the cage even before the car ride. Practice with your pet spending time in the cage for some time, before trying the actual car ride. 

This might help your guinea pig feel safer and relaxed while traveling. They will learn that this is a secure place for them, so they would not mind it during the trip. 

As you could see, car rides might not necessarily be stressful for guinea pigs. This usually depends on the personality of the guinea pig, but there are ways in which you can improve the manner in which your guinea pig travels. 

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