Do Birds Like Car Rides? | Safe Steps to Travel

Do Birds Like Car Rides? | Safe Steps to Travel

Most people like to take their pets on trips or to take them along when moving places. However, when it comes to transporting birds, you might wonder how they behave during travel since you do usually see birds in cars. So, do birds like car rides, and what do you need to know in case you want to take them to places?

Most birds are actually great travelers, and they usually behave well in cars and planes. Some birds may even show excitement for trips. However, you still need to provide a sturdy and secure cage for the car ride and make sure that you regularly check on your pet.

Transporting your bird requires a certain set of steps and care, so everything will go smoothly, and your pet will not get stressed out. This article encompasses the proper ways of transporting a bird by car, and the things you need to take into consideration before you set off. You will read about the things you can expect during a car ride with your bird, so you would be properly prepared for every issue that might arise along the way. 

Are Car Rides Bad For Birds?

Do Birds Like Car Rides? | Safe Steps to Travel

Usually, birds handle car rides quite well, and some even show excitement during the trip. However, how the trip will develop further usually, depends on the personality of the birds. That means that while some birds feel quite well during a car ride, others do not like it as much, and they might get motion sickness. 

It might sound strange, but birds can get car sick the same way people do, so you should not exclude that from happening while traveling with your bird in a car. Motion sickness usually happens when the brain of the bird receives conflicting messages, i.e. they get confused whether they are moving or not. In other words, they see that the car is moving, but their body stays in the same place, so that creates a confusing situation in the brain causing motion sickness. 

Again, this does not happen to every bird, and in fact, it is not that common. However, if you are traveling with your bird for the first time, you should start practicing with short car rides before setting off on a long trip. This way, your bird will get accustomed to the ride and how it all goes, so when you are on the actual trip, they will basically know what is going on. 

Do Birds Like Car Rides?

Generally, most birds enjoy car rides, and some of them even get excited when they are about to go for one. They can actually be great travelers, and you will not have to worry about a thing as long as you provide a good environment for them to travel. However, if your bird has never been out of the house, they might expect some distress at first. 

Furthermore, some bird personalities are not fans of traveling, so they might be stressed even if that is not their first time traveling. Therefore, it cannot be said that all of the birds like car rides, but generally, the majority of them do. So, if you want to find out whether your bird is the traveler type, you should start with a short ride around the block. 

In addition, you should know that small birds like canaries, budgies, and finches are most prone to stress during a car ride. Therefore, when it comes to these kinds of birds, the best thing is to leave them at home. Bigger birds, such as Amazons, enjoy traveling and they are regarded as great travelers, although some of them might experience separation anxiety. 

So, for many birds car rides are interesting and keep their mind busy, while for others it might be a nightmare. In order to avoid causing unnecessary stress to your pet, make sure that they can withstand a long car ride before taking them on the actual trip. 

How Do You Transport A Bird In A Car? 

When you intend to take your bird on a trip by car, you should plan ahead, so your pet would feel comfortable and cozy while traveling. Even if you know that your bird is a good traveler, you should still pay attention to some things before hitting the road. 

Choose The Right Cage 

Do Birds Like Car Rides? | Safe Steps to Travel

The cage in which your bird is going to travel needs to be sturdy, well-ventilated, and big enough, so your pet will have space to move. However, make sure that you do not choose a very large one since you will be the one to carry it later, and you do not want to take up too much space in your car. Also, ensure that the cage can withstand a strong beak, so your bird will not try to break it off. 

In addition, when you are traveling with a bird make sure that they get used to the cage. Never force your bird to get into the cage, instead try to entice them with a treat. 

Practice Car Rides

Before you set off on the actual trip, take some short car rides that will help your bird get used to the vehicle. Short rides may help the bird to understand what is going on, so when you are about to start your journey, they will not be stressed. 

Think About Essentials 

Birds will need some essentials during the trip, so make sure that you pack food, water, a blanket, as well as paper towels and napkins. You might not need all of these essentials, especially if your car ride is short, but it is still better to be prepared for possible delays on the road or something like that. 

How Do Birds Handle Long Distances? 

Usually, most birds can handle long distances quite well. However, if you are not sure about the behavior of your bird during a long car ride, then make sure that you pack enough essentials, and maybe consider anti-stress supplements as well. 

Birds are generally great travelers, and they find car rides interesting and amusing. Therefore, you should not have any issues when traveling with a bird, however, you should still assess the personality of your bird beforehand. 

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