Can You Uber with a Dog?

Can You Uber with a Dog?

Ubers are one of the most common means of transportation, especially when you don’t want to use public transport. The platform makes it easy for you to connect with drivers who will give you a ride to your destination for a fee. But, what happens when you have to take a ride with your dog?

Owning a dog is no new thing, but traveling with one in an Uber is not common. I would never have thought of this if I didn’t have to take my dog to the Vet using an Uber. But then, is it possible to Uber with a dog?

You can Uber with a dog. The service provider lays no ban on traveling with service animals in the vehicle. However, for pets, you have to confirm with your driver to be sure it is permissible in their vehicle.

If your dog is like mine that never likes to sit, this might be a little problem, especially if you’re using an Uber pool. Still, I could get everything under control with a few useful tips. So, I’m going to be sharing with you all you need to know about taking a dog on an Uber ride.

Can I Take My Dog in a Taxi?

Can You Uber with a Dog?

Taxis are transport vehicles that are more common in busy cities. You can call for private hire or you can simply wave one off the street. But, this depends on your city of residence and the law they have concerning taxi rides.

Whichever way, bringing a dog with you is something to consider, especially when it’s more of a pet than a service dog.  In other words, as long as you’re not disabled, there are certain things to consider before bringing your pet with you.

When using a private hire, you should inform your driver of your intention to bring your dog along. With this, the company can arrange the best vehicle to accommodate your dog. This might cost you some extra cash, but it’s definitely worth it.

However, if you’re going to flag a cab off the street, there’s a fifty percent possibility that the driver will permit your dog into the vehicle.

Either way, your dog has to be one that is comfortable riding inside a car for a certain period. If this is not so, then never take your dog with you on a taxi ride as it will only be inconvenient.

Aside from this, your animal must be well-behaved. The first time I took my dog on a taxi ride, he was practically everywhere – all over the seat and all over me. You cannot imagine how embarrassing it was to keep apologizing to a very annoyed driver.

Therefore, you have to train your dog properly on the best way to behave inside a vehicle.

Are Dogs Allowed in Uber Rides?

Ubers and taxis operate the same way; however, unlike taxis, you cannot hail an Uber off the street. In cities where Uber operates, you can use the Uber application to make a request. A driver close to your location accepts this request, comes to pick you up, and transports you to your destination.

Uber drivers are obligated to allow service animals to ride with them because they serve as guide animals. The same does not apply to pets. 

Like hired taxis, you must inform your driver that you are bringing a dog with you. It is then at the discretion of the driver to permit your pet to ride in the vehicle. Nonetheless, before taking your dog with you, you must be sure that your dog can withstand staying within a vehicle. 

Just like taxis, it will be disastrous if your pet cannot sit and act properly inside an Uber. Remember that dogs can be flurry and moving around the place will only result in something messy.

Also, never use the Uber pool if you intend to bring your dog along with you. This is because the Uber pool is a shared ride and it’s improper to discomfort your fellow passenger with a dog.

How Do I Book an Uber with a Dog?

Can You Uber with a Dog?

The Uber service knows that most pet owners love to bring their pet on a ride. Thus, it launched the Uber pet ride, a service that permits you to take your furry friend with you. With this, you don’t need confirmation from the driver to carry along your pet.

But note, if you’re riding with a service animal, this option is not for you. This is because all Uber rides permit service dogs along with their owners. To request a pet-friendly ride, select the UberPet option under your ride in the Uber application. 

While this is convenient, there are some conditions attached to using UberPet. The first of these, is that you can only bring one pet along with you on a trip. If you have more than one pet, you have to inform your driver who’ll decide if it’s convenient to take the ride.

The size of your dog doesn’t matter on a pet-friendly ride; however, it’s up to you to control your pet throughout the trip. Nonetheless, a driver can still decide to refuse the ride if they consider the pet too wild or unsafe.

Furthermore, it is paramount to put your pet under a leash for better control. If you don’t prefer leashes, you could opt for a pet carrier that would contain your animal throughout the ride. This is most important if your dog is one that loves to run around like mine.

Another condition is the application of a cleaning fee. Your dog is hairy and bound to leave pet hair or an odor behind. In this case, there’s no cleaning fee attached to your trip. However, if your dog makes a mess, like vomits, urinates, or damages the chairs, you’ll pay an extra fee.

While Uberpet is the best option for dog owners, this service is slightly higher than the usual Uber ride. 

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