Can You Put A Harness On A Hedgehog?

Can You Put A Harness On A Hedgehog?

Hedgehogs are small nocturnal animals that are naturally found in Europe, Africa, and Asia. They are known to be quiet, fun, active, and companionable. Unlike most other pets, hedgehogs are low-maintenance animals; they only require little but special care and attention.

Furthermore, like other pets, such as dogs and ferrets, hedgehogs also like to be taken out for a walk. The interesting thing about the little creatures, however, is that they don’t outrun their owners when taken out for walks. That said, here’s a quick question; is it okay to put a harness on your pet hedgehog?

Since a hedgehog will certainly not outrun their owners while out for a walk, there’s little or no need to put a harness on it. Furthermore, hedgehogs will most likely feel very uncomfortable putting on a harness. Besides, hedgehogs tend to get out of harnesses easily.

Do hedgehogs like walks? Can you put a harness on a hedgehog? Is it possible for your hedgehog to run away outside? As you read through the rest of this article, you’ll find everything you need to know regarding the burning questions above.

Do Hedgehogs Like Walks?

Can You Put A Harness On A Hedgehog?

Yes, hedgehogs like to go outside for a walk. Besides, there are tons of reasons why you need to take the small nocturnal creatures out once in a while to play. First, hedgehogs are very curious animals. Since that’s the case, one way to help stimulate them physically and mentally is by taking them out so they can explore new environments.

Another way to stimulate your hedgehogs is by engaging them in different exercises, of which “walking” is one of them. Taking your hedgehogs out of their cages for walks is a great idea. That’s so because it’ll allow them to stretch their legs and stay healthy.

As earlier mentioned, hedgehogs are naturally found in Europe, Asia, and Africa. They tend to live in a variety of places, including scrublands, woodlands, meadows, and suburban gardens. 

That said, by taking your hedgehog out for a walk, they’ll most likely come in contact with grass and leaves. Well, the interesting thing about this is that it makes them feel like they are in their natural habitat. Hence, hedgehogs are always excited to go out and have a feel of the new environment.

Issues With Taking Your Hedgehog Out For Walks

You need to understand that taking your hedgehog out for a walk also comes with a couple of issues. As such, when outside, you need to watch what your hedgehog does and monitor its movement.

  • In case you don’t know, hedgehogs have a great skill at escaping from their owners. Not giving your hedgehog attention outside means you’ve given it the opportunity to escape. That said, for you to avoid losing your pet, you need to avoid leaving your hedgehog unattended outside.
  • Another reason to keep an eye on your hedgehog outside is to make sure they don’t fall victim to predatory birds, such as hawks.
  • Another issue with taking your hedgehog out for a walk is that it could easily feed on infected insects. Unfortunately, this is not good for its health as it could fall sick. To avoid that, the best thing you need is to keep your let’s vaccination up to date. In addition to this, you also need to feed your hedgehog properly before considering taking it out for a walk.
  • Furthermore, another issue attached to taking your hedgehog out has a lot to do with the weather. In case you don’t know, hedgehogs aren’t a fan of extreme weather, such as heat, cold, and rain. So, before going out, ensure to check the weather and be sure it’s safe for your pet. The recommended temperature range for your hedgehog is 70ºF and 80ºF. Anything below 70 degrees Fahrenheit is considered too cold for your pet.
  • Your hedgehog can always be exposed to different kinds of hazards when outside with you. To ensure the safety of your pet at all times, you need to look out for any hazard and protect your hedgehog from getting injured.

The bottom line is that hedgehogs are like going outside with their owners for walks. However, there are a lot of issues attached to taking them outdoors; to avoid any of them, you need to look out for your hedgehog when you’re outside.

Can You Put a Harness on a Hedgehog?

Can You Put A Harness On A Hedgehog?

There’s no denying that putting harnesses on pets, such as dogs and ferrets, especially when they are out for walks, comes with tons of benefits. One of them is that harness helps pet owners to keep their pets from outrunning them.

Unlike ferrets and other pets, hedgehogs don’t outrun their owners when taken out for a walk. As such, there’s almost no reason to make them feel uncomfortable by putting a harness on them.

Don’t get it twisted; there are a couple of hedgehog harnesses in the market. And of course, some hedgehogs like to put harnesses on. However, you need to understand that a larger percentage of hedgehogs out there will find harnesses uncomfortable to put in. Besides, hedgehogs tend to get out of harnesses easily.

So, the bottom line is that harnesses will most likely make your hedgehog feel uncomfortable walking. And since your pet won’t outrun you when you’re outside, it’s advisable to stay away from using a harness, which could even end up damaging your pet’s quills.

Will a Hedgehog Run Away?

Unless you provide your hedgehog with little or no supervision when outside, there’s no way it can run away or escape from you without a harness. That said, ensure to provide your pet with proper supervision and avoid leaving it unattended, especially when outside.

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