Can You Lease a Car If You Have Dogs?

Can You Lease a Car If You Have Dogs?

People have leased cars for decades, and many of these people are dog owners. However, leasing a car comes with unique terms and conditions that you should take seriously. I’ll never forget how extra careful I was the first time I leased a car because I didn’t want to incur huge cleaning charges.

As with all things, it’s only right to be clear on what you can or can’t do as a pet owner. It’s probably why I’ve had a few people ask me, “can you lease a car if you have dogs?”

You can lease a car if you have dogs. Being a dog owner doesn’t make you ineligible for a car lease. However, you’ll need to be cautious in terms of cleanliness so that you don’t run into any trouble when you return the vehicle.

Once you decide to lease a car as a dog owner, you’ll need to learn how to manage the experience best. Here, I’ve highlighted the best practices for dog owners looking to lease vehicles based on my experience.

Can Dogs Go in Lease Cars?

Can You Lease a Car If You Have Dogs?

You are permitted to transport dogs in your leased vehicle, but you must keep it fresh, clean, and free of harm. The sole concern is keeping the interior of your chosen leasing vehicle clean and free of damage to avoid end-of-lease fees.

The lease company must inspect the vehicle you’ve been driving around in at the end of your lease term. If there is no damage, you will not be in any trouble or pay any extra fees. For you to avoid any headaches, it’s important to take good care of your lease vehicle while it’s in your possession, especially if you’re traveling with pets.

Carrying your dogs for a ride will have the largest impact on the interior. However, you may prevent causing any damage to the interior of your leasing car by preparing ahead and acquiring a few items to help keep it in good shape.

You can get seat covers that are built specifically to cover the full-back seat if your dogs will be traveling in the back of the car with a harness on. This will keep the seat clean and scratch-free, as well as keep any dog hairs in one spot so they can be easily brushed out of the car after each trip.

If your dogs ride in the back of the car, such as in an estate car with plenty of space, you may also buy car boot covers to protect the area from dirt, dust, and scratches.

If you don’t want your dogs to be able to roam freely in the rear of the car, a dog crate or cage is a wonderful solution. Crates will keep dogs safe in a limited space and prevents damage to your leased vehicle.

If you have a dog who will be riding in your lease car with you, a daily clean-up will ensure that your lease vehicle is kept tidy. It’s good to vacuum the interior, check the seats for any stains or signs of dirt, and always have a towel handy so that your dog can wipe its muddy paws before getting in!

Keep dog odors at bay by using an air freshener indoors, and when traveling with your pet, open the car windows to allow some fresh air in, but don’t let them dangle out the window because this is harmful.

Can You Lease a Car If You Have Dogs?

You can lease a car if you have dogs or other pets. Certainly, pets can be destructive if untrained or ill-mannered. However, once you are certain that you can handle your dogs while riding with them, you can lease a car.

Consider what occurs at the end of a lease period when you return the vehicle before deciding whether to lease a car with your dogs.

The inspection is the most crucial step. The inspector will examine the car for any serious damage. What constitutes “substantial” varies by manufacturer, so you may not pay for minor dents or scratches.

Stains smaller than half an inch may be overlooked, but anything larger than that may be considered excessive wear and tear.

It’s a smart option to get your car cleaned and scrubbed both inside and out, as well as any touch-ups or light cleaning work, so it looks its best.

A thorough cleaning is required, particularly if your dog has been riding in a car for several years. If your automobile is filthy, you may face fines for stains as well as additional cleaning fees.

Do Any Car Rentals Allow Pets?

Can You Lease a Car If You Have Dogs?

Most car rentals allow pets. In fact, there are many car rentals that make it clear that their services are pet-friendly. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to confirm from your chosen car rental service if they have a problem with pets.

To minimize cleaning/detailing fees, customers must keep pets crated and deliver their rental car spotless and free of pet hair. With some rental services, customers with disabilities who use service animals are allowed to travel without a carrier.

What Is the Most Dog Friendly Car?

Choosing the most dog-friendly car isn’t so easy. You’ll need to consider your dog’s size, age, and other factors. This means that with a dog in the house, everything changes, even what automobile you drive.

Some cars on the market have unique characteristics or particular attributes that make them better suitable for your four-legged friend, even if the majority are good choices.

A level cargo space, cargo tie-down hooks, and automated climate control are all desirable features for dog owners. SUVs have a lot of room, but senior dogs may have difficulty getting in and out of them.

When you decide to rent a dog-friendly car, ensure to choose one that allows enough space for your dog and provides the comfort you need. You may also want to talk to a vet about what vehicle features will be best for your pet, considering age, medical history, size, and other factors.

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