Can You Fly With 3 Cats

Can You Fly With 3 Cats

When you want to take your pets on a trip, or you are moving to another state or country, you have to consider the regulations given by airlines concerning pets. There are different rules for traveling with pets given by different airlines, especially when it comes to flying with more than one pet. So, can you fly with three cats, and what things should you take into consideration when you are planning your trip? 

Whether it is possible to travel with 3 cats depends on the airline you are using and the destination to which you are flying. If you are flying domestically, your pets might be able to travel together in one carrier. However, if you are leaving the country, the usual rule is one pet per carrier.  

If you are planning to take your pets on a trip, you need to familiarize yourself with the regulations that are given by airline companies. In this article, I have provided all the information you need if you plan to travel with multiple cats, and how you can manage to do that. You will read about regulations by different airlines and for different destinations, so you will know in what way might be possible to take more than one pet on a flight. 

Can You Fly With Multiple Pets? 

Can You Fly With 3 Cats

When it comes to traveling with multiple pets, you might encounter different regulations by different airlines. This can impose a problem depending on the destination where you are traveling and the types of pets you are taking with you. So, if you are trying to take multiple pets with you together, you should know the following rules that are common in the US. 

You can take multiple pets together on a flight only if you are traveling domestically, i.e. you are not leaving the country. By traveling ‘together’, I refer to pets traveling in the same carrier. So, they can be put in the same carrier if: 

  • They are the same species (dogs, cats, hamsters, birds).
  • They are younger than six months. 
  • They do not weigh more than 20 pounds each. 

If these requirements are met, and you are taking your pets in a different state, not leaving the US, then you can put them in the same carrier. However, if your pets do not belong to all of the groups mentioned above, then the rule is to take one pet per carrier. In addition, if you are taking your pets overseas, in a different country, then you might be faced with different rules for each airline. 

If you are planning to take your pets to a different country, you will need to research the rules that are given by the airline you are traveling with. This is due to the fact that each airline has different pet policies, so you can never say for sure what will be allowed on your flight. However, the general rules are mainly that you are allowed to take one pet in one carrier per person. 

If you are not traveling alone, i.e. you are traveling with a spouse, family member, or a friend, they will also be allowed to take one pet on board. However, it is essential that you take into consideration that each airline has a limited number of pets that are allowed on each flight, either in the cabin or in the cargo hold. 

How Do You Travel With Multiple Pets? 

Can You Fly With 3 Cats

Since usually one pet is allowed per carrier, you should consider that you might not be allowed to put your pets in the same carrier. There might be a possibility for your pets to travel in the same kennel if they are less than 8 months old. Then, it is usually allowed to put 2-4 pets in the same carrier (again, depending on the airline rules). 

However, if you have a mother with puppies or kittens, then they can travel in the same carrier, and there is no limit to the number of baby pets in the carrier. You can also take 2 pets in the same kennel if they are the same size and they get along well. However, the exception is made by Delta Airline Company, and might not be the same for other airlines. 

Some airlines allow you to take up to three pets, such as KLM. If the pets are put in separate carriers, and they travel in the hold, then you can take three of your pets with you on the flight. On the other hand, some airlines allow only one adult and two baby pets, meaning that if you have three adult pets, you will not be able to take them together with you all at once. 

You should remember that each airline makes its own rules, so you will have to check with the company directly how many pets you are allowed to take, and in what way they should travel. Some airlines may allow you to take all of your pets, put them in a separate carrier, or vice versa. Also, these rules might change frequently, or for different flights, so you need to check in advance to be on the safe side.  

How Many Cats Can You Fly With? 

As mentioned before, if you are traveling domestically, you would probably be allowed to take 2-4 cats with you in the same kennel. However, they would probably have to be the same size, and they should weigh a certain amount of pounds. If you are taking kittens, then you might be allowed to take an unlimited number of these pets. 

On the other hand, the general rule for many airlines is one pet per person. Therefore, some airlines might not allow you to take more than one pet with you, meaning that traveling with three cats only by yourself would be impossible. 

If you plan to take your cats on a trip with you, or you are moving to another place, it is better that you research the rules of your airline thoroughly before heading to the airport. You do not want to be forced to live with your pets at the airport, or not be able to get on the flight. So, your best option would be to contact the airline directly before you book your ticket.

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