Can I Take My Hamster On Vacation?

Can I Take My Hamster On Vacation?

You might not feel comfortable leaving your pet hamster alone at your home when you go on a vacation, so you may have the desire to take them with you. Hamsters are tiny and simple, so looking after them is easy, and you do not need special preparations in order to get them on a trip. However, can you take your hamster on a vacation? 

Hamsters are generally good travelers, but you will have to make sure that you make their travel environment as familiar as possible. Therefore, you will have to provide good bedding for the travel cage, proper food, and snacks, and to ensure that they will not get wet or ill during the trip. 

If you cannot find someone to look after your hamster, or you just do not want to get separated from them, you will have to learn a few tricks to keep your pet cozy during the trip. In this article, you will find a few tips that will help your hamster be a good traveler, and understand what you should not do in order to keep your pet safe. Once you learn and understand the steps, you will be able to take your hamster on a vacation without any issues. 

Is Traveling Good For Hamsters? 

Can I Take My Hamster On Vacation?

Hamsters are one of the pets that do not seem disturbed or distressed by traveling. They handle trips quite well as long as they are safe and have everything they need inside their cage. They do not require any special treatment during the trip, and you do not have to give them any kind of medication in most cases. 

Some people tend to take their hamsters wherever they go, so it might not be an issue for you to take your pet on a trip as long as it is convenient for you. However, you have to take into consideration that you will still have to think about some things before setting off on your journey. For instance, you have to make their environment familiar, so they would not feel the change as very drastic, and in order to do that, you need to think about things that make your pet feel comfortable. 

Can I Take My Hamster On Vacation? 

A hamster is like any other regular pet, therefore, taking them with you on a vacation would not be an issue. This means that you can freely travel with them in your car and on a plane since most airline companies allow hamsters on board. Although when it comes to planes, you might need to provide some specific things before you get on board. 

For instance, if you travel by plane, you will have to take your hamster in a particular travel cage that is approved by the airline company that you will use for your flight. You will take your hamster as carry-on luggage, and the cage would need to be fully closed and safe. In addition, you might be asked to provide some sort of a certificate that will state that your hamster is healthy and can travel by plane.

When it comes to car rides, you can choose the cage in which your hamster will travel and feel the most comfortable. Some owners tend to keep their hamsters in their regular cages so they would feel more familiar with the surroundings. In other words, when you are the driver, you can choose the conditions in which your hamster will travel, but make sure that everything is according to the safety measures recommended for these pets. 

How Do You Travel Long Distance With A Hamster? 

If you intend to travel for a longer time with your pet, then you would need to make sure that their traveling conditions are in order and there is nothing inside their cages to make them sick or anxious. There are several tips that might help you when traveling with a hamster

Keep Your Hamster Inside The Cage 

Even if you let your hamster walk around your home at all times, the car is not a good place for that. Therefore, make sure that you choose a good and safe cage that will keep your pet inside at all times, but also ensure that they have everything they need because longer trips can get them a little bit stressed. 

Use An Appropriate Carrier 

If your hamster does not feel comfortable in a travel cage, you can always opt for the regular one in which you keep them at home. However, if that cage is quite big and not exactly portable, you might opt for a plastic one. The plastic carriers are very convenient since they make the hamster comfortable, but they are also lightweight, meaning you will carry them easily. 

Remove Dangerous Items From The Cage 

Can I Take My Hamster On Vacation?

You have to remember that your hamster is a tiny animal and every heavy or sharp item inside the cage can be a potential danger. Therefore, make sure that you add plastic food and water containers for the travel, so they will not hurt your pet during the sudden movements during the car drive. Also, make sure that you include some extra bedding inside the cage so your furry friend would be extra protected. 

Ensure That The Cage Is Safe On The Seat 

You have to ensure that the hamster cage is safely settled on the car seat. In order to keep your pet fully protected use a seat belt to fasten the cage to the seat. This way you will know that there is no potential harm if there are bumpy roads along the way, or you make quick sudden moves. 

Include The Right Food

Make sure that you put some snacks inside the cage for your hamster, so they could be distracted along the way. Also, add some cucumber slices instead of water in order to keep your pet hydrated. Water can spill all over the cage, making the hamster wet and ill afterward, so the cucumber option is way safer. 

In conclusion, you can surely take your hamster on a vacation considering that these pets are well-behaved travelers. However, make sure that you arrange the plan conditions properly, so your hamster would be safe.

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