Can Guinea Pigs Go On Long Car Rides?

Can Guinea Pigs Go On Long Car Rides?

There might come times when you would need to transport your guinea pig from one place to another, like to the vet, or moving places. You probably think that a car would be the safest way to take your guinea pig to another place, however, you may not be sure how long guinea pigs can stand car rides. Therefore, can guinea pigs go on long car rides, and what should you do to make them feel comfortable?

Guinea pigs are tiny animals that are usually easy to transport from one place to another, and that can generally withstand long car rides that last for over 3 hours. However, it’s important to ensure that your pet is comfortable in a suitable carrier and that they have all the necessary things during the ride.

Planning a trip with your guinea pig is not really complex if you take into consideration all things that make the ride comfortable for your pet. In this article, you will read what safety measures need to be taken when you intend to transport your guinea pig by car, as well as how long they can stand the car ride. You will also learn everything that you need to take on the ride with your guinea pig, so they would feel comfortable and able to calmly go through the whole car ride. 

How Long Can Guinea Pigs Stay In A Car? 

Can Guinea Pigs Go On Long Car Rides?

Usually, guinea pigs behave well in a car, so they will not mind staying in a car for a long time as long as you provide the necessary things that will keep them calm. For instance, if you are in the car along with them, they will not like the new surroundings considering that you are familiar with them, meaning they feel safe when their owner is close by. However, guinea pigs are similar to other pets, i.e. they have different personalities, so some of them might not stay as calm as you expect. 

This means that some guinea pigs do not like the change of places, so they might get stressed and scared. When guinea pigs get anxious, you might not be able to keep them in a car for long. In other words, you may be able to take them to the vet, but they will not withstand a long car ride, such as a type of road trip. 

Can Guinea Pigs Go On Long Rides?

Generally, guinea pigs do not mind spending time riding in a car a little longer, so you can take them for a ride for even three hours. However, in order for them to remain calm during the ride, you need to provide everything that is considered essential for the trip. You should take into consideration that some of these tiny animals still get anxious and stressed during a car ride, so if it is your first time taking your pet on a ride, make it short. 

This will help you understand and see how your guinea pig is withstanding the car ride. If you do not see any unusual reactions during and after the car ride, you can consider that your furry friend does not mind being in a car. On the other hand, if you notice some shaking, or other irregular behavior, then you should consult a vet.

What might be even better is consulting your vet even before taking the short ride. Your vet will tell you accurately whether you should take your guinea pig on either short or long trips, and what risks are you facing if you do that. As a pet owner, this is the most responsible thing you could do for your guinea pig. 

However, there are things that can make guinea pigs calmer and safer during a car ride. Therefore, if it is of crucial necessity for you to take your guinea pig in the car, then that would be possible, only if you take the proper steps for the whole car ride. You can make everything go smoothly, you just have to learn the correct ways. 

How To Make Your Guinea Pig Comfortable While Traveling? 

Can Guinea Pigs Go On Long Car Rides?

In order to keep your guinea pig calm and safe during travel, you have to consider a few things and factors that affect the quality of the car ride. If you successfully manage to keep everything in order, your car ride might go smoothly and safely. Otherwise, you might end up with a stressed pet in the middle of the road, and this can be especially dangerous if you are alone in the car and there is no one to help you for the rest of the trip. 

Therefore, make sure that you follow the steps below, so your guinea pig will survive the car ride unharmed.

Pick A Good Carrier 

Firstly, you should bear in mind that without a carrier, you should not leave the house. You might want to use some substitutes like cardboard boxes, or small cages, but remember that they are no good substitutes considering that they can be dangerous. For instance, cardboard boxes are open at the top, and small cages can make your pet uncomfortable, so make sure that you avoid that. 

Therefore, the smartest and safest option is a suitable carrier, so try to provide one for your guinea pig during a car ride. 

Create A Familiar Surrounding 

Since your pet will be forced to leave their familiar surroundings, make the carrier comfortable by putting something inside which your guinea pig knows or uses while at home. For instance, you can put a little bit of food inside, and paper bedding, so your pet will feel protected, and at times distracted.  

Traveling with guinea pigs is easy, and usually, they will survive a long car ride without any issue. However, if you know that your pet gets stressed while traveling, you should take additional steps so you can make the car ride more enjoyable.

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