2 Best Ways To Transport A Turtle

2 Best Ways To Transport A Turtle

Turtles usually come in small sizes as pets, and they are generally easy to look after. However, when it comes to transporting them from one place to another or moving them across the country, this task can get a little tricky since you need to know what conditions are safe for them to travel. So, what are the best ways to transport a turtle? 

Usually, turtles are best transported by putting them in a strong, plastic container that has good ventilation. Turtles should not be transported in water since it can tire them up and make them drown. Therefore, placing a damp towel will do the trick so they can travel safely. 

If you are planning to move your turtle across the country, or just take them to the vet for a quick checkup, you need to know the proper ways so your pet will not get hurt. In this article, I have provided some of the best and safest ways for a turtle to travel, so you will know that after the trip your pet will be all right. Once you read the article, you will be able to determine in what ways it would be convenient for you to transport your turtle depending on the conditions in which you travel. 

How Do You Move A Turtle Across The Country? 

2 Best Ways To Transport A Turtle

In order to move a turtle across the country, you will need to think about ways that will be the most convenient for your trip. Firstly, you need to consider how you will travel, i.e. what means of transportation you are going to use. Usually, it comes up to either a car or a plane. 

However, the preparation for moving a turtle across the country is usually similar, no matter the transportation vehicle. Things that you will certainly need are a reptile terrarium carrier and proper bedding, so your turtle will feel comfortable in the carrier. These two things are considered essentials, and you will not be able to do the moving without them. 

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to find a reptile terrarium carrier that will be slightly larger than your pet. You should not pick something that will be too big, but also not too small so the turtle could not move. In addition, remember to pick a carrier that will also be suitable and convenient for carrying around. 

Furthermore, bear in mind that your turtle should not be placed in the water during the transporting. The water can make the turtle tired and cause drowning. However, they still need an environment that will be moist enough so they can feel comfortable, so placing proper bedding, such as a damp towel will be a great solution. 

Other than these two, you will need to think about the proper ventilation inside the carrier. Therefore, make sure that you pick a container that will have some holes at the top or from the sides, so your pet can breathe freely inside of it.

2 Best Ways To Transport A Turtle 

The most common ways of transporting a turtle are by car and by plane. Usually, the way of transporting them is similar, but you still need to consider some factors that might be different in a car or on a plane. 

Transporting A Turtle By Car 

2 Best Ways To Transport A Turtle

As I mentioned before, firstly, you will need a proper carrier for reptiles. Make sure that you do not choose a glass container since you are about to travel, so you would not like to be bothered by the delicacy of the container, i.e. taking care that it will not be broken along the way. So, pick a sturdy plastic container that will have a lid at the top, as well as holes for ventilation. 

After that, make sure that you place a wet towel at the bottom of the container, so the environment will be kept moist. This will also prevent the turtle from getting from one side to another abruptly as the car moves. Since you cannot put water in the container for the turtle, make sure that you take a spray bottle with water so if the trip is quite long you can spray your pet every few hours to keep them fresh and moist. 

Furthermore, you will have to think about the temperature in the car, i.e. the box in which your turtle travels. The temperature needs to be around 75 to 85 F, and you can check it regularly by using a digital thermometer. Also, make sure that you look at the box regularly, to check that your turtle is okay, i.e. has not flipped over.  

Transporting A Turtle By Plane

When it comes to traveling by plane, you should firstly check with your airline whether they allow turtles on the plane. Many airlines do not have specific regulations regarding turtles, so you need to check directly. If you get approval that you can travel with your pet turtle, then make sure that you have a kind of document to prove that at the airport. 

Also, remember to ask about any paperwork that might be necessary for transporting a turtle, but never try to sneak them through security. In addition, you can travel with a turtle on a plane in the same way you do by a car. However, make sure that the container you will get will be compliant with the regulations of your airline. 

Do Turtles Like Being Carried?

Generally, turtles like to be alone, so carrying them around is not a recommended thing to do to your turtle. They are not like dogs and cats, i.e. they are not affectionate, so picking them up is not something they enjoy. Therefore, after your trip, make sure that you make them comfortable in one place once you arrive at the desired spot. 

Turtles are small and easy to carry when travel, so you will not have problems with enormous carriers. However, you have to think about the conditions that make traveling safe for them and make sure that your turtle is as comfortable as possible during your trip. 

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