How Do I Get Rid Of Animal Smell In My Car?

How Do I Get Rid Of Animal Smell In My Car?

There is nothing odd about dog owners traveling with their pets in the automobile. Besides, it’s fun to have your furry friend seated beside you, enjoying the car ride as much as you do. However, even if your pet is the cleanest one around, road trips can leave behind a peculiar animal scent. 

This smell is a result of the action of bacteria and yeast in an animal’s fur. Animal scents are not entirely awful, but you don’t want to drive around with a smell that tells the world you have a pet. 

In order to get rid of animal smells in your car, you can use baking soda to absorb the odor. Baking soda is the most effective as it eliminates odors without adding a scent of its own. If there’s no baking soda, use an equal mixture of vinegar and water to neutralize the scent.

If the smell of animals bothers you, then I can help you with the best ways to get rid of them. In this article, you’ll learn all the simple methods and trips you can use to get rid of that peculiar scent.

How To Get Rid Of Animal Scent

How Do I Get Rid Of Animal Smell In My Car?

Before performing any of the treatments listed below, vacuum your upholstery thoroughly with a hand-held vacuum, a wet or dry vacuum, or a vacuum from a self-serve car wash. This will remove any loose debris and pet hair from the area, allowing you to concentrate on identifying the cause of the odor. Otherwise, your efforts would be like washing a tile floor with a soiled mop, only moving filth around and failing to attain the desired cleanliness and fresh fragrance.

True odor elimination is not just about removing odors for a brief period of time only to have them come back a few moments later. Rather, it involves removing or neutralizing the elements that are responsible for those disagreeable odors. In order to continue taking your pet for trips without jeopardizing the cleanliness of your vehicle’s interior, use any of the methods below.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is well-known for its ability to absorb smells without introducing any new ones. This makes it one of the best options for removing smells in your car. To achieve your aim, you need enough baking powder and a bowl.

Pour a quarter of the baking powder into a bowl and place it in a comfortable part of your car. Ensure you place it in a position where it cannot topple over. 

Leave the baking powder in your car overnight. During this period, it works its magic by absorbing every unnecessary odor from your vehicle. The next morning, when you’re about to drive, take out the bowl and discard the baking powder.

Sometimes, an animal scent could be so strong that the baking powder requires more time to work. In this case, allow the bowl to sit in your car for a few more days before disposing of it.

Use Vinegar

Apart from baking powder, you can use vinegar to handle difficult odors. As water and vinegar evaporate in the air, it results in a neutralizing reaction between the components of the odor and the evaporated vinegar. This means that the evaporated vinegar takes the offensive odor while it evaporates.

You will need water, vinegar, and a spray bottle to start. First, mix your vinegar with water. Ensure that both are of the same amount. This means that the vinegar should not be more than the water content and vice versa.

When you’re done, pour the solution into the spray bottle. Spray the vinegar moisture in your car’s interior. You should pay more attention to spots that smell more.

Do not sprinkle too little or too much of the solution. Too little will only be useless as it would not fully eliminate the smell while too much could result in damp seats.

Allow your interior to dry, then repeat the process till the odor is completely is gone.

Use Pet Odor Removers

Baking soda and vinegar are homemade treatments you can easily mix on your own. However, there are other ready-made products in the market that are as effective as the previous options. These products could be more expensive and sometimes require extra effort. 

If you’re using a chemical product, you’ll need a bristle-style brush and a hand vacuum. Spray the cleaner over the part of your interior that has an odor. Use the brush to wipe the surface gently in order to remove dirt or smelly leftovers.

After brushing, leave the chemical for as long as the instructions specify. Note that if you’re using any chemical products, ensure to test run it to be sure it would not bleach your car’s upholstery. 

Tips For Reducing Animal Scent During Car Trips

How Do I Get Rid Of Animal Smell In My Car?

If none of the methods listed above prove effective in eliminating the source of the dog stench in your vehicle, you should professional auto detailer. Such professionals have access to industrial-strength products that can effectively eliminate persistent pet odors and restore the freshness of your vehicle.

If you still want to take your animal on excursions after getting rid of those pesky dog odors, consider placing a blanket where your pet will sleep so that you can quickly remove it and wash it after the trip is over. This will also prevent them from littering your car.

Also, drive with your car windows down. There’s nothing more refreshing than having the wind whip past you while driving. However, in this case, the breeze reduces the odor of the animal in your car, filling the air with a refreshing smell.

Additionally, clear up any pet-related mess as soon as possible to minimize the development of unpleasant scents. If you’re the type to always take your pet with you on trips, then you must vacuum regularly. Do not wait until the odor becomes unbearable before sending your car to the carwash.

Air fresheners are also effective alternatives. They do not eliminate the odor of animals, rather, they fill your car with a more refreshing scent. These efforts are a little price to pay for the joy that comes from traveling with your animal companion.

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