Do Pets Throw Up During Travel?

Do Pets Throw Up During Travel?

You already know that pets can get sick in the same way as humans. However, if you have not traveled with your pet before, you might wonder whether the trip can get them sick and cause them to throw up the same way as it happens for people. Therefore, do pets get sick and throw up during travel, and what can you do as a form of prevention? 

Some pets can get sick during travel the same way as people do, and most of the time the sickness causes them to throw up. This is because pets can get stressed and anxious during the trip, and you can notice their distress by shaking and trembling, excessive drooling, restlessness, and so on. 

Traveling with pets comes with a lot of possible issues with which you might be faced, so it is always smart to be prepared for all of them. Sickness in pets during travel is natural and common, and in this article, you will learn all about it. I will explain how you can notice that your pet is getting sick, and what you can do to prevent throwing up and help them easily get through the journey. 

Can Travel Make Your Pet Sick? 

Do Pets Throw Up During Travel?

Usually, your pet can express sickness for two reasons – physical and psychological. Oftentimes, the psychological reasons trigger the physical sickness, and your pet starts showing some symptoms that they are not handling the traveling well. The sickness that pets experience is connected to the sense of balance, and this is mainly seen in puppies, the same way it is seen in young children. 

However, if your baby pet gets sick while traveling does not mean that they will do the same when they grow up. Like people, pets also outgrow vomiting and nausea, and they do not show symptoms of distress once they are all grown up and have all of their body parts fully developed.

Also, what might cause your pet to throw up and get sick is the fact that they get anxious when they travel. For instance, if your pet has experienced throwing up the first time they traveled, they might start associating traveling with sickness. In addition, some pets might have a traumatizing experience from the car driving to the vet, so they might always associate driving in a car with going to the vet. 

Usually, sickness is caused by driving in the car, while traveling by plane might seem more comfortable for pets. Therefore, you might see your pet getting sick when traveling by car while throwing up when on a flight might not be so common. 

Can Pets Get Car Sick And Throw Up? 

Pets can get car sick and throw up mostly by traveling by car. This is because traveling by car triggers motion sickness, i.e. pets feel as they are losing balance and that causes them to throw up. This is mostly seen in puppies since the structures of their inner ear are not fully developed, meaning they do not have a complete sense of balance.

However, dogs outgrow this, so they stop throwing up every time they get in a car. The same thing happens to children but they do not continue to have this habit once they become adults. Nonetheless, throwing up by the car ride can happen out of psychological reasons, such as anxiety or a certain form of trauma. 

For instance, if they feel stress when traveling, they will throw up once they grow up as well. In these cases, you need to take additional measures that will help your pet feel comfortable and relaxed to decrease the level of distress. 

You can notice car sickness by pets showing some symptoms. These symptoms might help you identify the sickness so you can react as fast as possible. The signs that will show you that your pet is getting sick are the following: 

  • Inactivity and uneasiness. 
  • Whining.
  • Yawning. 
  • Vomiting. 
  • Excessive drooling. 
  • Licking lips. 

What Can I Give My Dog For Travel Sickness? 

Do Pets Throw Up During Travel?

There are simple things that you can do to make your dog more comfortable during traveling. These simple things will not make the sickness go away, but they will make the situation more relaxed for the pet. 

Adjust The View For Your Dog

The view that you have from the car while traveling can really make you nauseous, so pets have the same reaction as people. Therefore, make sure that you put your dog in the middle seat, so they will look forward. This will soften the sickness, although it might not disappear completely. 

Lower The Car Windows

Make sure that your dog has some fresh air while traveling. When your pet shows symptoms of sickness, it is important that you provide some air in the car in order to prevent your dog from feeling claustrophobic. Lower the car windows, and avoid the air conditioner for some time. 

Do Not Feed Your Dog Just Before Starting The Trip

Make sure that you do not give your dog food prior to your trip. Instead, make sure you feed them at least three hours before. However, some people recommend that you withhold food even up to 12 hours if possible. 

Bring Something That Reminds Your Dog Of Home

A favorite toy or something that smells of home can make a great difference. This will make your dog calmer, and it will decrease the level of anxiety and stress since these kinds of things can make them feel secure.  


Although you should avoid giving your dog medication, when nothing else works, some meds will do the trick and really help out. If you have tried everything else, opt for some medication to help your pet. However, make sure that you consult with your vet before giving anything to your pet. 

Pets feeling sick and throwing up is a normal and common condition, especially for puppies. If you notice that your dog cannot handle traveling pretty well, make sure that you take all the necessary measures to provide the help they need. 

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